You Got Me Pregnant

Ava's life has just changed. She found out that she's expecting a little baby. But the thing is the father is Louis Tomlinson, the man who recently broke up with Ava. When Ava told Louis the news he was forced to take her to live with him to protect his reputation. Though Louis doesn't want to be with Ava he's determined to not let that get in the way of him being with his child. But as he tries to help with the whole pregnancy he begins to realize that he's falling for Ava but she's not so sure as she thinks maybe she wants to raise the baby alone. (I changed the plot)


5. Contest


  Okay so I'm having a contest for people to be in the concert. If no one enters I'll come up with my own characters but... I thought this would be different. I need characters as 

Niall's GF

Harrys GF

Liam's GF

Louis' two sisters 

Best friend. 

  So if you don't know the drill you just have to leave your: Name, Age, hair colour, eye colour, and personality and of course the role you'd like to play. So enter if you want! 


XX Ana!!

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