You Got Me Pregnant

Ava's life has just changed. She found out that she's expecting a little baby. But the thing is the father is Louis Tomlinson, the man who recently broke up with Ava. When Ava told Louis the news he was forced to take her to live with him to protect his reputation. Though Louis doesn't want to be with Ava he's determined to not let that get in the way of him being with his child. But as he tries to help with the whole pregnancy he begins to realize that he's falling for Ava but she's not so sure as she thinks maybe she wants to raise the baby alone. (I changed the plot)


4. Chapter 4


   Louis' P.O.V

  I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this. How can I be a father at 21? Of course I want kids, but I just didn't think it would happen this way. Ava doesn't look too fond of the idea but I already know she loves the baby so I wouldn't make her get an abortion. I found myself staring at her as she spoke to Paul. I couldn't see anything more than a loving, vulnerable mother to be.  I love Ava, I do, I did break up with her because I got afraid of the thought of being in love, even though I told her there was someone else, there really isn't anyone else though, how  would I leave her for someone else? Ava is really the best you can get; she's beautiful, smart, funny, adorable, caring, she's anything you could ask for.

   "Louis?" Paul said waving his hand in front of my face.

   "Hmm?" I replied shaking my head, I think I was gazing at Ava for quite sometime.

   "We need to make a plan to protect both yours and Ava's reputation," he trailed off. I nodded. I walked over to Ava and grabbed her hand, I didn't do it so she couldn't run off, but for pure comfort. "Ava isgoing to stay here with you in the house, you have three guest rooms, Christi can stay in one, and Ava with you in the other," Paul said.

 "Me? Why me?" I asked.

  "Well,a pregnant woman has needs, you'll fetch the things she needs considering you got her pregnant in the first place," Paul said. he smiled at Ava and she smiled back at him, he did this for the reasons he explained plus the fact, he knew it would bother me for Ava. "Now get inside and make Ava feel welcome," Paul said gesturing towards the door. I rolled my eyes at him but went inside along with Ava.

  "Let me show you to your room," I said putting on a fake smile.

   'What a gentleman," she said sarcastically. I took her up to thee biggest guest room, I was guessing she would need some space.


  "I try, Ava, I try," I said guiding her up the stairs.  Eventually we made it to the room where she sat on the bed. She sat so shyly like, her back was straight, the dress she wore was straightened out and her hair was picked up nicely.

   "Louis, I know this isn't something you want but, it's not like its something I don't want. I came here because I thought you, as the father, deserved to know. I didn't think you would over react this way," she said with a tear going down her face.

  "Don't cry, you look prettier when you aren't crying," I said then bit my lip. I didn't really need her to be sad, it wasn't good for her or the child.

  "Isn't everybody?" I asked.

   "Ava, don't get any wrong impression of me right now, I'm not mad at you, I'm shocked, but not mad,"

  "Louis Tomlinson's words of wisdom," she hiccupped. I walked over to her and wiped a tear away. She looked surprised.

  "Ava! Louis! Come down stairs! We're playing truth or dare! Paul's gone!" Harry yelled.

     "Do you want to play?" I asked Ava. She shook her head.

    "I'm not really in the mood," she sighed.

  "Good. Me neither," I said and she smiled.

   "Harrys getting restless, are you guys coming or not?" Christie asked.

   "No, how about you just go one ahead and play," Ava said. Christie gave questioning glances but gave in. I think Ava knew I wasn't leaving her alone.

  "What do you plan on doing? Leave the room in an awkward silence?" she asked.

  "I thought I would make it up to you for well, making you come here, against your will," I said.

   "And how do you plan on doing that?" she asked.

  "You like 'The Beatles' right?" I asked. She nodded. "Well pick a song by them," I said connecting my phone to the iPhone dock in the room.

  "Eleanor Rigby," she said. I nodded and put the song on. I walked over to Ava and took her hand as I guided her off from the bed. Then we began dancing.

  Ava's P.O.V

  I was dancing with Louis, to my favourite song by my favourite band. I have to admit, it was fun. When we were together we would always dance together, even if there was no music, it was just something we enjoyed doing. Eventually 'Eleanor Rigby' ended and a slower song came on. 'Anna (Go To Him) came on. He pulled me close to him, Louis put his hands on my waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pressed his forehead against mine. My heart started banging against my ribcage, I like to call this 'The Louis Effect'. I call it this because, I always get like this when we're this close.

  "You've gotten better at dancing since the last time we danced together," Louis whispered.

  "Which was when? A month ago?" I laughed.


  "Well, you have, too, you haven't stepped on my foot once," I joked causing him to chuckle.

  "I meant what I said on the plane, Ava, I left you because I was afraid I actually did fall in love with you," he was whispering now. The song changed again, now 'And I Love Her' was playing, a sloe song as well. What was Louis trying to say?

  "Ava, I do love you, and it sucks how much I do," he pulled me closer, now our bodies were pressed together. Before I could speak, Louis pressed his lips against mine. It wasn't a forced kiss, at first he was hesitant but it turned into just pure passion, I knew what this meant, he wanted me back. I pulled away from the kiss and looked at Louis.

  "I'm sorry, Louis, the last time I fell for you, scared or not, you left me. I was broken, and you've stolen me away from my home. I just can't be with you again right now," I said swelling up in tears. Louis looked down at his feet, I was about a meter away from him. I heard a whimper come from him. I tried approaching him, but he pulled away. I might have just ruined things for everybody.


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