You Got Me Pregnant

Ava's life has just changed. She found out that she's expecting a little baby. But the thing is the father is Louis Tomlinson, the man who recently broke up with Ava. When Ava told Louis the news he was forced to take her to live with him to protect his reputation. Though Louis doesn't want to be with Ava he's determined to not let that get in the way of him being with his child. But as he tries to help with the whole pregnancy he begins to realize that he's falling for Ava but she's not so sure as she thinks maybe she wants to raise the baby alone. (I changed the plot)


3. Chapter 3


  A/N So the whole story is going to take place from Ava's P.O.V but I'm still going to write it at the top because I'm awesome like that. 


  Ava's P.O.V


     Louis looked at me straight in the eyes. His blue eyes looked mixed with anger and sympathy. He let me go in an instant and stepped back from me. He didn't move far enough that I didn't feel the heat radiate from his body. 

"Is this why you're here? To let me know that you're carrying my baby. Unbelievable," he growled. "Ava, why the hell would you let this shit happen?" he said with anger just piercing through him. 

 "Fuck you! You think I wanted this to happen? Do you think that I want to be a mother without practically any money to feed my 14 year old sister?!" I cried. Louis stretched his arm out to hug me but he resisted. "I'll just take the first flight back home when we arrive," I said drying my tears. Why the hell was I crying? He didn't deserve my tears. 

"You are not going home until that baby is born, you're coming with me," He said grabbing my wrist. 

"You can't just take me with you against my own fucking will," I said. 

"I can and I will. Now please, go let Christi know,"  he said letting go of my wrist.  This wasn't the same guy I loved not long ago, this was a monster who was basically going to hold me hostage. I raced back to my seat with Christi and she was wide awake. 


"Ava, what's wrong?" Christi asked. I was guessing she was looking at my moist cheeks   

"Well I just saw Louis, he's on the plane and he knows I'm pregnant," I said before I sucked in a breath. She gave me an 'and' look before I continued. "He's going to take us to live with him and well I don't know what's going to happen next, all I know is that we aren't going home for a while," I said patting my flat stomach. 

    "How long are we talking about?" she asked looking at me with wide eyes. 

   "Until after the baby is born," I choked. 

     "Is he doing this against your will?" she asked brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. 

     "No, he asked and I accepted, plus if he did, Paul wouldn't be so hard on me and he'll help me," I gulped.

   "Ava, please, if he's making you do this, let me know," 

   "He's not making me do this, Christi, I promise," I said hiding my hand behind my back and crossing my index and middle fingers together. 

   "Okay," Christi sighed. The rest of the flight seemed moderately quiet, Christi gave me disbelieving glances but shrugged them off. 

   Finally, the flight ended. I walked off the plane with Christi by my side and we headed out the terminal. 

   "C'mon," Louis said from behind me, gripping my wrist. 

   "Louis," Christi said frowning as she scanned him. 

   "Hey, Christi," Louis said awkwardly. We continued walking until we reached the baggage claim. Louis got himself sorted and walked us out to his car. The rest of the boys followed. 

   "Ava!" Niall yelled as he ran towards me, he picked me up in a hug and spun me around. He was always my favourite out of all the boys. "What are you doing here?" he asked with a large grin. 

   "Oh-I'm-um-I," Niall frowned at me, I was stammering, I never stammer. Louis looked at me with sympathetic eyes and turned to face all of the boys. 

   "She's pregnant," he slowly said. The jaws of the four boys dropped. They exchanged glances. Harry patted my shoulder. The seven of us walked out to the two cars set out. Harry,Liam,Zayn, and Niall each sat in one car, and Louis, Christi, and I sat in the other. After a 20 minutes we arrived at the same house I had only visited once before. 

 Paul was at the door waiting for the boys but when he saw me he smiled the same way Niall did. 

   "Ava," he sighed leaning into a hug. 

   "Paul," I replied. He let go of the hug and I put my black hair filled with blue streaks in a ponytail. 

   "What are you doing here?" he asked. 

   "She's pregnant," Louis replied grimly. With that, we begun planning. 

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