A Coincidental Flame

Lucy was never normal. Being a 6 foot tall ginger, she knew she was never meant to fit in. Will it all change when she meets a guy that makes her love all that makes her different?

Harry Styles is the typical player that never expected to want a monogamous relationship while living the international pop star life. Will he changes his ways when he meets the perfect girl next door?

Or will both learn more about themselves and each other, even if its not on purpose.


6. Tickets and Strong Emotions

*Lucy's POV* 


I sulked my way back to the room feeling incredibly moronic. Who army crawls in public? Never mind in front of an international boy band. Oh well! It is what it is. I slid the key card to open unlock the door but as I tried to push it open, something stopped it and created a loud thud noise. No matter how much I tried, the door wouldn't completely open. So, I sucked in my tummy and slid through the space the door allowed. After shimmying my way in, I immediately looked at the obstacle behind the door. What I saw freaked me out beyond belief. 


Courtney was out cold on the ground.


I let out a yelp and jumped down to see of she was breathing. On instinct, I got the glass of water that was on table and threw it on her face. She screeched as the cold water drenched her shirt and she opened her eyes. I felt relief rush over me as I asked if she was okay.


Before I knew what was going on, she was off the ground and sobbing while latching herself on my arm. I was at a loss for words honestly. I was never good at comforting people or even expressing emotions in general. I ended up awkwardly patting Courtney's shoulder, waiting for her to calm down. 


After 5 minutes of strait crying, Courtney was down to the occasional hiccup and muffled sob. When I felt I was out of the danger zone I all but yelled "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" 


Courtney took a short breath and started to explain. 


"W-Well, a little while after you left, I was sitting in my bed reading a story when someone knocked on the door. It was the girl from the front desk looking really huffy and upset. She told me that Harry given her 2 FRONT ROW SEATS TO OUR CONCERT!! FOR US. I screamed, grabbed them from her hands and slammed the door right on her snooty face. I guess I fainted because now you're here...crazy night. LUCY, WE ARE GOING TO BE IN THE FRONT ROW. I CAN'T."


Honestly, once she mentioned Harry's name I stopped listening. Why would that egotistical bastard give us FREE anything? He obviously wants something in return. I'm not going to feed his mansion sized ego anymore. I turned to Courtney and said "We have to give them back! We already have tickets! We should give them so someone who didn't have any to start with" 


Courtney stared at me with a blank face. All of a sudden she jumped up, ran to the other side of the room, and hopped on the bed. Her grip on the tickets were so tight I swear they would turn to diamonds at any minute.


"YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Harry was kind enough to go out of his way to get these to us! We can't be rude after he was so generous. We weren't raised by wolves!"


I saw the look in her eyes and I knew there was no changing her mind. We were sitting front row at the One Direction concert tomorrow night.

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