A Coincidental Flame

Lucy was never normal. Being a 6 foot tall ginger, she knew she was never meant to fit in. Will it all change when she meets a guy that makes her love all that makes her different?

Harry Styles is the typical player that never expected to want a monogamous relationship while living the international pop star life. Will he changes his ways when he meets the perfect girl next door?

Or will both learn more about themselves and each other, even if its not on purpose.


2. The Lads and the Girl


Harry’s POV




A wild Louis had just appeared and woke me up from an extremely nice sleep by plummeting on top of me. He starts laughing hysterically as I slowly wake up.

-Your reaction was hilarious! But, now it’s time to wake. LUNCH!


He gives me a final shake, leaps and bounds toward the front of the tour bus. I slowly rub my eyes, still not fully awake. How long was I asleep for? I sluggishly climb out of the top bunk, pulling on a fresh t-shirt. I smell the fresh bread in the kitchen so head I over to see the lads gathered around the table. I slide in next to Zayn grabbing a couple helpings of pasta and drowning it in sauce with some bread to dip. We’ve been on tour for what it seems like ages.  I miss my family back in Holmes Chapel often but touring with the boys has been one of the best experiences of my life. After the X-Factor, things have really picked up for us and it’s been full throttle ever since. As I finished my fresh bread, I look outside to see we’ve arrived in Boston, the last leg of our Up All Night tour.

                -Niall! Slow down! You’re gonna choke.

Liam scolds Niall as he devours his 5th roll. I love these lads, their practically my brothers. Liam, who is often referred as “Daddy Directioner”, is always looking out for us. He recently got a buzz cut so the curls that rivaled mine are gone.  On his right was a bright blue eyed blonde, Niall. Niall is one of the cheeriest guys I’ve ever met; he laughs at almost everything and loves to strum his guitar anytime he can. At the head of the table is the guy some of our fans think I’m dating. I’m not of course, but we love to mess around and be foolish. His name is Louis; with his chetnut brown fringe hair, usually covered by a beanie, his blue eyes with green specs always stand out. Then I feel a nudge in my side and see Niall starting a burping contest with Louis. I chuckle and roll my eyes while Zayn laughs to himself.  Zayn is a kind-hearted guy with a brunette swoop with a blonde highlight. I’ve never met a guy that cares so much about his hair but he works it. Plus with his tan skin and hazel eyes, he has no problem with the ladies. But then again, none of us do. I look out the window and see we’ve finally arrived at the hotel.

                -WE’RE HERE!

All the lads are shouting and run to the back of the bus to get changed into proper clothes. I wander back and change into some jeans and a navy blue jumper. I slip a grey beanie onto my head along with a black pair of converse and I’m ready to greet some of the fans outside. I grab my bags and step outside the bus and a few fans start calling for my attention. I walk over and take a few pictures, sign some of their CDs, and ask if they were going to the show tonight. When they were, I promised I’d look out for them in the crowd and walked into the hotel. I love interacting with the fans because I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without them, and they’re usually really cool. The boys went through the same process and soon enough we were all in our separate rooms. We have plans to go out to dinner later so we parted ways to get ready.


After I jumped in the shower, I started thinking about the sleep I had earlier today. The dream I had wouldn’t get out of my head. I was walking on a beach alone around sunset and I saw a girl walking towards me. I was mesmerized. She had the most striking hair; long, wavy and the perfect shade of red. Her body was to die for. Her legs went on for days and she was quite fit. I started to jog towards her but just before I got close enough to see her face and hear her magical laugh, she was gone. I started to wonder if the dream meant anything when there was a knock on the door and a shouting Niall.

                -Finish your hair yet pretty boy? I’m hungry and we're waiting on you!

I laughed out loud and left with the lads, the dream girl still in the back of my mind.

Hallo! 2nd chapter filled with 1D! hope its up to the Wattpad standards :D

I love that I wrote this chapter on Harry's 19th Birthday. Happy Birthday Hazza!!!

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