A Coincidental Flame

Lucy was never normal. Being a 6 foot tall ginger, she knew she was never meant to fit in. Will it all change when she meets a guy that makes her love all that makes her different?

Harry Styles is the typical player that never expected to want a monogamous relationship while living the international pop star life. Will he changes his ways when he meets the perfect girl next door?

Or will both learn more about themselves and each other, even if its not on purpose.


3. Pools and Plans


Lucy’s POV

After what seems like a century long drive, Courtney and I arrived in Boston. We spent a majority of the car ride singing Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, and Adele to get into a British mood. We had a great drive but even the best of friends get tired of each other. When we arrived at the lavish hotel in Boston, we unloaded the car and headed to check in. There were a lot of people standing around outside and I was curious as to what was going on… We had to fight our way in but once we checked in we headed into our room we parted ways to unpack and change out of our travel clothes. I decided to go for a swim before we go out to dinner tonight. I go into the bathroom and change into my bikini; a navy blue and white horizontal stripes top and the same pattern for the bottoms only with cute ruffled layers. It was my favorite suit that I brought and I couldn't wait to swim in it. I told Courtney where I was going, grabbed my phone, towel, a book, and headed toward the pool.


As I’m walking down the hall I find the pool room and walk in. I decide to sunbathe while the sun was still shining, so after applying tons of sunscreen, I open Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins and lose myself in the story of Katniss. When I feel the sun go down I realize I still had to get ready to go out later so I quickly cleaned up and jogged back to the room. Although I was sad I didn't get to swim I was glad I got farther in this awesome book. I swore I felt someone watching me so I quickly turned around but only say brown curls going around the corner. I shrugged my shoulders and went into the room.




Harry’s POV


As I was walking past the pool looking for the guys, I stopped short and stared. It was her: the girl from my dreams. She was lounging on a beach chair by the pool, absorbed in a book. Her copper hair was free flowing on her shoulders. I had to stop myself from drooling as I looked her up and down quickly. Her blue and white striped bikini fit her body in the most perfect way, her chest wasn’t too big, but still perky. She was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Then, all of a sudden, she jolts up and looks at her watch. I swore she almost saw me as I ducked behind a nearby plant. When she walked through the door I felt like a total creep. Here I am hiding behind a plant, gawking at a girl I don’t even know. I’m Harry Styles for God's sake! I don’t gawk, I get whoever I want. Naturally, I’m making it my mission to get her. I check to see her room number as I hear the boys calling my name; I quickly escape from my hiding spot, hoping she didn’t see me.

As we head into the lobby, a plan stats forming in my head. I go up to the clerk at the front desk, a young, short brunette woman, and give her one of my famous, charming smiles. I give her instructions to give 2 front row tickets to tonight's concert to the girl in room 101, but not to tell them who they’re from. She smiles wide at my request and blinks rapidly, in what I assume she thinks is flirtatious, and agrees. I smile and thank her then walk towards the boys with one of the biggest smirks on my face. This is going to be one hell of a show.


Hey guys!

I'm really happy with how the story is going so far and i hope you do too!

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