A Coincidental Flame

Lucy was never normal. Being a 6 foot tall ginger, she knew she was never meant to fit in. Will it all change when she meets a guy that makes her love all that makes her different?

Harry Styles is the typical player that never expected to want a monogamous relationship while living the international pop star life. Will he changes his ways when he meets the perfect girl next door?

Or will both learn more about themselves and each other, even if its not on purpose.


4. Italian Food and First Impressions


Lucy’s POV


As I close the door I throw my things on the bed and head to take a quick shower. I yell for Courtney to start getting ready as well because I’m starving. After my shower, I quickly unpacked all my clothes and started trying to find an outfit for dinner. After some consideration I decided on an emerald green dress with a skinny brown belt. The dress falls about 3 inches above my knees so I added a dark grey cardigan with an uneven hem. I chose to pair the dress with brown, 3 inch vintage-style oxford heel with a rounded toe and leather shoestrings. Since I have a small addiction to accessories, I had to add a silver owl necklace, tiny silver sparkle bow earrings, and a floral forever scarf. When I finished curling the ends of my hair I exited the bathroom and waited on the beds. As I was checking twitter Courtney approached in black, distressed skinny jeans, a loose fitting black tank top with a studded cross on the front and paired it with hot black platform boots with a silver spike design at the heel. Her hair is let down in loose curls and she had black smoky eyes. She grabs her small glitter purse and adds the essentials as we head out to find a place to eat, arm in arm.


Harry’s POV

All the guys and our manager are sitting in a booth, towards the back, in a nice Italian restaurant. Although we’re trying to stay on the down low, we can’t help but erupt into laughter as Niall all but punches Liam for stealing some of his chicken parmesan. We quickly try and quiet down as some heads start to turn to locate the ruckus. We’re all enjoying our meal as Liam brings up what I’m sure we’ve all been thinking about.

                -So guys, do you think we can really make a whole new album in 6 months?

We all sit in silence for a moment. We all knew it would be difficult but we all loved this group and our fans wanted more, so we had to give it to them.  I look up and answer:

                -We’re gonna have to. Plus since we’ll be living together, it won’t be that bad, right? Especially with a beach house in America! If that won’t help up write some awesome upbeat songs I don’t know what else would!

Everyone was grinning at that. We all agreed that when management told us we needed to start on the new album, it would be easier to live together. So, we all decided America would be a fresh change and chose Cape Cod, Massachusetts as our getaway destination. All I could imagine was classic beach bonfires, rope swings, and girls. Tons and tons of girls. I smirk to myself as I join back into the conversation which shifted to tomorrow night's show. Zayn was speaking about bringing fans on stage when I came up with another step in my plan. As the conversation turned to Liam's fear of spoons, I looked towards the door and my jaw dropped.


Lucy’s POV

After what seems like hours of walking the streets of Boston, Courtney and I decide to go to the nearest Italian place we could find. As we walk into a fancy restaurant called Marco’s, we’re seated fairly quickly. I can’t help but feel like a glamorous movie star as I look around at the brick walls that displayed very beautiful art work. As I’m looking around, I make eye contact with a boy towards the back with coffee colored curls and bright green eyes. He released a cocky smirk, revealing a dimple and winked at me. I raise my eyebrow and look back down at my menu. Who does he think he is? Just because he’s somewhat attractive doesn’t mean he can act so arrogant. I feel his eyes trained on me but I force myself to act as if I don’t notice. Meanwhile, Courtney is rambling about not knowing what to order as our waiter comes toward our table and introduces himself:

                -Hello ladies, I’m Tim and I’ll be serving you tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?

Tim is the classic tall, dark, and handsome- a brunette fohawk, hazel eyes, and a gorgeous tan. I feel myself blush a bit as he looks at me with a small smile. Courtney and I both order a coke and he heads to the kitchen. We both gush about our luck and laugh together. I glance up to see the boy in the back raising his own eyebrow at me and glancing towards Tim. I roll my eyes and go back to ignoring him. Tim comes back with our drinks and takes our orders, cracking a couple jokes about how boring our orders are- spaghetti with marinara sauce. We laugh with him and he leaves for the second time, my eyes following him for a couples seconds. I shake my head quickly to snap myself out of it and ask Courtney what the plan was for tomorrow night.

                -Well my parents couldn’t get tickets on the floor, but we’re still on the first level. I hope we can meet them afterward but we’d have to wait by the door for a while, you’re up to that I hope?  I have to try and meet Niall and win his heart!

She gives me the cutest puppy dog face and I laugh out loud then shrug to show my indifference. She claps quickly and we dig into our food Tim had just brought us.


Harry’s POV

As she walks in, I quickly close my mouth and smirk at her, then wink. I’m astonished when she raises her eyebrow and ignores me. What?! Doesn’t she know who I am? I continue to look at her but she keeps ignoring me. After we finish our dinner, we all get up and prepare to leave. As we’re walking by her friend looks up and sees us, eyes wide and hand over her mouth in shock. I smirk to myself; this is the reaction I was expecting!  She quickly stands up to try and get our attention but falls down right into Niall who was quick enough to catch her. I swear they stayed in that position for a good 2 minutes before Liam cleared his throat and they righted themselves. The ginger girl was just sitting there with this confused look on her face. Come on! We’re One Direction! How hard is it to recognize us? Her friend did… Then all of a sudden her friend is speaking quickly:

                -Oh my god, oh my god, it’s you guys. Can I have a picture please?! And your signature? And a famous Horan hug??

She was practically on top of Niall when we agreed. Then Zayn called out to her friend to get in the picture. She shyly stood up as we all lined up and I slyly guided her between Liam and me. Paul took both their phones. I placed my arm securely around her waist and I swore I felt a bolt of electricity shoot through my body. I smiled quite big as Paul took the photo.  I looked over to see her blushing and I pulled her a little closer as he took another with a different phone. I felt her shiver a bit and I grinned a little wider. I loved that I was affecting her like this. He said we were all set and gave the girls back their phones. Niall was the first to speak.

                -So what’s your name, love?

I swear she was about to faint when she answered next.

                -I’m Courtney, and this is my best friend, Lucy.

I looked over and smiled at Lucy, then to her friend and introduced all the boys. I couldn’t hold in my curiosity as I burst out and said:
                -By any chance, would you be going to the concert tomorrow night?

Courtney squealed and I heard Lucy mumble “unfortunately” under her breath.  Courtney was quick to slap her on the arm and answered:

                -Of course! And we’re BOTH quite excited!

We all smiled and chatted for a bit but before I could say anything more to Lucy, Paul told us we had to go back to the hotel and get some rest. We hugged the girls, Lucy being a bit guarded, and we were on our way. I knew that first meeting with Lucy could have gone a bit smoother, but I have a very good feeling about tomorrow's gig.


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