A Coincidental Flame

Lucy was never normal. Being a 6 foot tall ginger, she knew she was never meant to fit in. Will it all change when she meets a guy that makes her love all that makes her different?

Harry Styles is the typical player that never expected to want a monogamous relationship while living the international pop star life. Will he changes his ways when he meets the perfect girl next door?

Or will both learn more about themselves and each other, even if its not on purpose.


1. Bribery and Shopping


Lucy’s POV



-No way!! I'd rather just sit at home and eat!

-But Kerry backed out last minute and I can't go alone, or without a ride!

-Well then doesn't that stink!

-Come on Lucy! This is their last concert of the tour! I’m sure you’ll love them.

Fat chance. I never hated one direction cuz hey, they're more successful than I am that's for sure, but I just don't really understand the appeal. I never really listened to the music, but still. They’re just not my type. 

-If you come with me, I'll buy us Ed Sheeran tickets.

I froze. She knew how big of a fan I was of Ed. I bit my lip deep in thought. I swore I almost drew blood before I sighed and answered.


Courtney screeched and tackled me to the ground. For such a tiny girl, she could really pack a punch.

-THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now that you've finally agreed, time to go SHOPPING!

I shake my head as we walk outside to my black 2000 Volkswagen Jetta, an 18th Birthday gift from my parents. We get in, buckle up and I’m already getting my ear talked off about the concert.


Courtney is one of my best friends since we've known each other since 6th grade. While we’re super close, we’re complete opposites. She has dark chocolate, shoulder length waves with dark brown eyes and glasses; I have copper red hair that falls down to the middle of my back with slight waves and blue-green eyes that change with my moods. Overall she’s the total package, tiny and quite fit since she’s really into gymnastics while I stand 6 feet tall and don’t really exercise besides the gym.



Courtney says and starts waving her hand near my face.

-It’s not very safe to wave your hand in front of me when I’m driving.

 I chide as we pull into our local mall. She sticks her tongue out at me as we head into forever 21 then I start asking Courtney about the concert.


-Well, It’s their last concert of the Up All Night tour so it’s going to be AWESOME. It’s in Boston and I already had arrangements to stay a couple days before and after the show, so we’ll be all set! Eep! I’m so excited! She squeals and starts jumping around the racks of clothes. I smile and shake my head.

          This concert really can’t be that bad. Plus I get to hang around in Boston with my best friend for a couple days, which is totally awesome. It also gives me a chance to find a new hot outfit! As Courtney and I are scanning the racks, I see the perfect dress. It’s an all-black mini dress with lace sleeves. I run over to it like I just discovered gold, and I feel like I did. Courtney and I bond over our love of fashion and I know she’ll love this. I call her over quickly and she jogs over with one of the hottest outfits I’ve ever seen- a form fitting blue crop top along with a jean material vest and a black flowy low-high skirt. I was drooling over her find when I remembered mine so, I rushed us over to the fitting rooms. I try on the dress and it fits perfectly on my slim body and even makes my modest chest look decent. Courtney’s was just as stunning and we were off to find shoes. As we head into the shoe store I ask Courtney:

-So how exactly are we affording this fancy getaway?


-My parents agreed to pay for the tickets, hotel, food and things of that sort as an early birthday present but fingers crossed I still get my car!

I chuckle at her and continue to look at the endless amounts of shoes. Courtney’s parents are loaded. She doesn't believe so, but she is. I was raised in a middle class family with two older brothers but I never went through any hard spots, I just never bought designer handbags or the newest Hollister shirts. Then, I spot a pair of flawless black gladiators and I know I’m set. A couple seconds later, Courtney spied a pair of black ankle boots with a 3 inch heel with studs. After paying, we link arms and skip to the car with our outfits and I know we’re going to be the best dressed in the entire arena. 

Hey guys! This is my first story EVER so be kind please :D

The next chapter will have some 1D, so never fear!

Vote, comment, read and all that jazz? YEAH!

P.S clothes on the side hopefully :)

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