Kisses in the Rain

Lucy is 16 years old and has had a huge crush on this boy for a while now. She is a junior so she has prom this year and is going to ask the boy of her dreams, Henry, to the prom because he is a senior and so he can't ask her. Does she get the date and the boy of her dreams?


1. Must Be You

Henry is so cute. I just can't stop staring at him. Why does he make me so crazy? Maybe it is his straight, blondish-brown hair that is to his eyebrows or maybe it is his brown eyes that make me melt when he looks at me, but whatever it is he makes me go insane inside and get butterflies in my stomach when I see him.

"Hi Lucy," he says to me as I walk into study hall.

"Hey Henry," I say with a smile. This is our ritual everyday before study hall starts and I love it. He is the cutest guy ever I swear. He is always wondering how I am and what I'm up to or doing. He is the most caring guy I have ever met.

"So Lucy," Henry says looking into my eyes.

"Yeah Henry?" I say wanting him to continue.

"How are you today?" he asks so caringly that it makes me blush.

"Oh fine and you?" I say but I really want to say 'way better now that I get to see you'.

"I'm good," Henry says with a wink. Oh he just makes me feel all tingly inside. We don't talk for the rest of the class because I have a lot of homework but I occasionally look up at him and he is always looking at me. He always does that and I love it.

When the bell rings to go to lunch, we both get up at the same time and then he smiles at me and heads to lunch. Why does he do that? I can't get that butterfly feeling out of my stomach when he looks at me. I just love his eyes. Especially when they are on me.




*Author's note* Well I'm just starting this story so this chapter is short but I will be updating I just wanted you to get a taste. Let me know what you think. :)


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