Unlikely love

Annabell is a sweet 16 year old. Her life is normal,except for her crazy brother. Sadly Anna is head-over-heals for her brother's best friend,Liam Payne. She has no other choice than to tell him the truth,after a huge rumor is spread around the school. When they fall in love her big bro gets in the way. Will her brother be able to get in the way of their love? Or will their love be strong enough to over power anything and anyone? Read the story to find out! BTW this story is when they are still in high school.


5. Ugh,school!

Liam's P.O.V.

I woke up to see Lovebear's adorable face in front of mine. I smiled when I remembered last night,how she fell asleep on my chest. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled. "Morning!"she said getting up. She realized the shirt wasn't covering her um,undies. She quikly pulled the shirt down and grabbed her clothes. A few minutes later she came out wearing baby blue skinny jeans and a pink jumper. She slipped on her supras then sat down on the foot of the bed. "Thanks,for letting me stay the night."she said looking at her hands. "No problem."I simply said. "Now get up! We have to leave soon."she said pulling me up. I put on black skinny jeans and a different jack wills shirt. "Let's go!"Lovebear shouted,even though I was right in front of her. We grabbed our stuff and left the house. She brought her school bag with her last night. The school was in walking distance so,we walked. I grabbed her hand as we were walking. She looked down at our hands and smiled. I could hear her teeth chattering. I let go of her hand and rapped my arm around her shoulder. She rapped her arms around my waist as we walked. I smiled,knowing she was right by my side. I always walked with the boys in the morning,but never really got to talk to Anna. It was nice to be alone with her for once. We arrived at school but didn't let go of each other. People were saying stuff about us and spreading rumors. I had no care in the world about what they were saying. We stopped at Anna's locker and I hugged her good bye then walked to my locker.


Annabell's P.O.V.

Liam wasn't really flirting but kept on doing really cute things for me. There's no way he likes me,the way I like him. I saw Bayli running up to me. Before she could say anything,I slammed my locker door and stormed off. I dropped my stuff on my desk,luckily Bayli sat at the back of the room and I sat in the front. My best friend Allie sits next to me in two classes. You know how everyone has list of their friends. Well mine used to go: Bayli,Allie,Sammy,April,Faith. Now it goes: Allie,Sammy,April,Faith. Ya,that's right! No more Bayli! Like I said before,she lost her privalidge to be my best friend. "Alright,tell me everything."Allie said as I sat down. "Bayli kissed,wait had a make out session with my brother."I said as I got my stuff ready for math. Allie just stared at me blankly. "Do you think he asked her out?"she asked. I actually hadn't thought about that. What if he did? Just then my phone buzzed. I shrugged before opening the text message. From Bayliboo: Anna please let me explain?! To Bayliboo: NO! Lou gave me a good enough explanation! From Bayliboo: Well I should let u know that we're a couple now. After reading that I changed her contact name to THE WHORE!  I turned my phone on silent and class started.




After three boring classes it was lunch. I sat with Sammy and our friend Mia. The boys,except for Lou,sat with us. I couldn't help but feel Liam's eyes on my face almost the whole time. I looked up and our eyes met. We held the stare for maybe a minute. After that he still watched me but his smile faded. My thoughts were inturupted when Mia got all of our attention. "OMG!!! Did you guys hear about Liam and Anna dating?!"she asked excidingly. My eyes got huge ange my face went blank. "Yeah,I also heard that Anna LOVES him!"Sammy said. Did they not realize we were right there?! I looked at Liam and he had the same expression as me,blank. I quikly got up and dumped my tray. I ran out of the cafeteria and down the halls. The tears formed in my eyes and my vision became blurry. I whipped my eyes with the sleeve of my jumper. I was stopped by strong arms grabbing my waist. I was turned around only to see a worried Liam. I tried running away but he wouldn't let me. I couldn't look at him. He lifted my chin up so I was lookinh him in the eye. I was now letting the tears pour out. Liam whipped them away with his thumbs. Somehow that calmed me down and I took deep breathes. His hands rested on my cheeks. "Is it true?'he asked. I couldn't answer. What was I supposed to say? Liam I've loved you since first grade? He was looking into my eyes and I got lost in his. Before I could lie and say no,his lips crashed into mine. I was shocked at first. Then I kissed him back. I thought was all a dream,a dream come true!

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