Unlikely love

Annabell is a sweet 16 year old. Her life is normal,except for her crazy brother. Sadly Anna is head-over-heals for her brother's best friend,Liam Payne. She has no other choice than to tell him the truth,after a huge rumor is spread around the school. When they fall in love her big bro gets in the way. Will her brother be able to get in the way of their love? Or will their love be strong enough to over power anything and anyone? Read the story to find out! BTW this story is when they are still in high school.


13. The dance

Annabell's P.O.V.

Mia begged me to let her do my hair and make up for the dance. We are now sitting on my bed talking about the summer. "Are you gonna go anywhere?"Mia asked me. "Bayli and I were talking about taking a trip to Paris."I shrugged. "That would be so much fun. You're lucky to have her as a friend."she said softly. It looked like she was gonna cry. "Mia are you ok?"I asked putting my hand on her shoulder. She burst into tears. I hugged her while she cried so hard. "I-I just miss my mu-mum."she stuttered. Mia's mum passed away about a year ago. She was her best friend. Her dad left when she was young,now she lives with a foster family. Only Allie and I know about it. She doesn't want anyone to feel bad for her,so she covers it up with a smile everyday. It pains me to see her go through such a terrible life. She has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. She's in the middle of them and it's hard loosing your parents. I held her and let her cry for as long as she needed to. I started crying with her. I felt soooo bad for her. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my family. It hurts knowing that everyday her smile is usualy fake. Her laughs are fake. Her happy atitude is fake. She let go of the hug and we both whipped away the tears. She took a deep breath and nodded,to let me know she was ok. "Mia,would you like to help plan Anna's birthday party?"my mum asked as she came into my room. "I'd love to."she answered smilling. I didn't want to think about my birthday this year. It just reminded me that I'm graduating next year then it's off to college. Mia dragged me down stairs and into the kitchen. "So how many friends do you want over?"my mum asked. "How about we make a deal? You guys do the planning and I'll show up."I sugessted. They exchanged looks and smilled. "Good."I said before walking away. I walked back to my room and out onto my balcony. I sat down and then Tiny jumped on my lap. I picked her up and took her into the back yard. I played with her for a good 2 hours. "Anna! We have to get ready!"Mia said and pulled me up stairs. She had brought over all her make up and her dress. She sat me down in my desk chair and started with the make up. She put mascara,eyeliner,and eyeshadow on. She added some blush and pink lipstick. She straightened my hair and pulled it into a ponytail. I looked at her confused. Somehow,without messing up the other straight hair,she used a spray to make my hair curly again. Then,she put the crazy curls into a fancy bun. She pushed me into my bathroom to look in the mirror. My jaw dropped when I saw the girl in the mirror. "Is that really me?"I asked. Mia nodded. I hugged her then pushed back into my room. I got my dress on while she curled her hair and put on some make up. I added my silver flats and a light black jacket. I turned to see Mia all ready. "Mia,you look amayzing!"I said and walked over to her. "So do you!"she said and hugged me. We walked down stairs. I was waiting for Liam to pick me up. "Mia,who are you going with?"I asked her. She blushed and said,"Niall."   I smirked at her while she blushed even more. Just then,Louis walked in looking all fancy. "Well don't you clean up nice."Mia said looking him up and down. "Where's-WHO IS THAT?!?!"Louis said looking at me. "Shut up,Louis!"I said and threw the telly remote at him. The door bell rang and Louis answered. A georgous girl walked in. She was wearing a short black dress with white lace sleeves. When she turned around I realized it was Bayli. "Bayli,you look stunning!"Mia and I said in unison. She hugged us then Louis. They kissed and I made a gagging noise. Bayli slapped my arm. Just then,the door bell rang again. I answered,hoping it was Liam. Nope. Niall. Mia stood up and left with him. I sat back down. Liam is taking forever. Bayli and Louis left a few minutes ago. I waited for about 20 more minutes.


Where is he?


The,I heard a knock at the door. I shot up and ran to the door. I took my jacket off and threw it on the couch. I opened the door and saw Liam standing there. His jaw dropped. He kissed me and and grabbed my hand. He took me out of my house and to his car. We drove to the school. He opened the door for me,so sweet. I got out and took his hand. We walked to the gym. When we walked inside I smilled at my good work. "You did job,babe."Liam said. "Thank you."I said and kissed his cheek. We walked around the crowd of people and found our friends. "Sammmy! You look georgous!"I said and hugged her. "She sure does."Harry said smirking. "Aww,look who finally found a girl."I said and ruffled his hair. "Took you long enough to get a boyfriend."Zayn came into the convo. "You know you always wanted to be my boyfriend."I said putting my hands on my hips. "I could do SO much better."he said smirking. "Ugh! I hate you both!"I said and turned back to Sammy. "No you don't."they said and tackled me in a hug. "Guys! Don't brake my date!"Liam said and pulled them off me. "Thank you."I said and pecked his lips. "Wanna dance?"he asked. I nodded. He pulled me to the dance floor. It was a slow song. I rapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me close and held my waist. "Have I told you how beautiful you look right now?"he asked me. I shook my head. "Well,you do."he said smilling. "Have I told you I love you?"I asked already knowing the answer. "I love you more."he smirked. We kissed. Stupid butterflies. I get them everytime we kiss. I pulled away and smilled. We danced all night. Together and with our friends.




Liam just dropped me off at my house. I dragged my feet up the stairs and into my room. I got out of my heavy dress and into my comfy pajamas. I fell on my bed and snuggled up under the covers. Tiny jumped up and fell asleep with me.


I woke up and got out of bed. As soon as I reached my door,I got back into bed. My feet had blisters. I laid there for a few minutes before Mia came into my room. She must of stayed her last night. "Get your lazy ass up! We need to get a move on!"she said and jumped on my bed. "Why?"I groaned. "We have to start decorating for the party."she said happily. I shot straight up,"What party?"   "Um,your's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!"she screamed. "What?!?! What day i it?"I asked. How long did I sleep? "Satuday. June 15th."she said. "You let me sleep for two days!?!?"I screamed. I jumped out of bed and headed straight for my bathroom. I instantly took a shower. After my shower,I searched my closet for clothes. I grabbed a pair of American Eagle shorts,a Rue 21 shirt that said 'Dream' in glitter on the front,black converse,and a grey beanie. I got dressed and brushed my hair out. I pulled my beanie over my wild curls. I grabbed my phone,Jack Wills sweat shirt,and keys. I ran down the stairs and out the door before I was showered with questions about the party. I walked down the street to the park. I was gonna meet Liam there so we could have a day together. The party starts at some point. I had nothing to do with the planning. I told Mia to text me when they're ready for me. I got to the park and sat down on a swing. I screamed when someone grabbed my from behind. They pulled me off the swing and spun me around. "Happy Birthday beautiful."Liam sang in my ear before setting me down. I turned to face him and hugged him so tight. He picked me up and spun me around again. I kissed him and smilled. "Can we go to the beach?"I asked. "Yes. Let me guess,you want me to carry you?"he asked. I giggled and nodded. I jumped on his back and he carried me piggy-back style. We reached the beach and he set me down. I ran for the water. He came up from behind and grabbed me. I laughed and he carried me to the water. "Don't do it!"I screamed. He laughed and dropped me in the freezing water. "Liam!"I screamed. He helped me up and I hit him. "Liam,will you please just walk me home?"I asked a little angry. "I'm sorry Anna."he said and hugged me. He picked me up bridal style and carried me home.


We got to my house and he set me down. I hugged him and I walked inside. "You might as well stay."I said before walking up to my room. I took a shower once again and picked out another outfit. I pulled my Forever 21 summer dress on. It was white strapless dress with pink polka dots,it also had a pink sash around the waist. I put my white flats on and blow dried my hair. I brushed it out and added a pink sparkley bow,holding back my bangs. I put mascara,blush,eyeliner,and lipgloss on before heading down stairs. "You look great!"my mum told me. I hugged her and my dad. Mia hugged me really tight. She looked better than I did. She was wearing a purple strapless summer dress and black flats. Her beautiful black hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. Her bangs were in her face. I hugged Fizzy and Lottie. They were both in puffy grey dresses. Mum probably picked it out. I got to Louis who picked me up and hugged me really really tight. He set me down and smilled. "You grow up too fast."he said. "Love you Lou."I said and hugged him again. "Love you too Annabell."he said using my full name. He almost never uses my full name. "Happy Birthday!"they all said in unison. I smilled and hugged them all in a group hug.

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