Unlikely love

Annabell is a sweet 16 year old. Her life is normal,except for her crazy brother. Sadly Anna is head-over-heals for her brother's best friend,Liam Payne. She has no other choice than to tell him the truth,after a huge rumor is spread around the school. When they fall in love her big bro gets in the way. Will her brother be able to get in the way of their love? Or will their love be strong enough to over power anything and anyone? Read the story to find out! BTW this story is when they are still in high school.


11. "Tell me!"

Niall's P.O.V.

Mia was sitting with me and we were now watching adventure time. Her eyes were glued to the tely. I would glance at  her every now and then. She caught me off gaurd while a I was looking at her. "I'm bored!"she whinned. She shifted so she was facing me,sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce. I laughed in my mind for that,I haven't thought that in a long time. I sat the same way as her. "Well.....what do ya want to do?"I asked. She put her hand up to her chin and stroked it like she had facial hair. God,she is so weird. "I want coffe!"she yelled in my face. I jumped a little and thought about how hyper she would get. "Mia+coffe=fun"I said standing up. She clapped her hands and stood up. We walked to the door. She was still in her denim shorts and white tee but it was warmer now. She ran out the door and started running down the sidewalk. I closed the door and caught up with her. "Mia,stop!"I demanded. I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. Her black hair hit my face. She was giggling,so cute. "Let's go."she sad jumping around. I let go of her and started walking. A few minutes later we arrived at starbucks. We walked inside and got our coffee. We started walking again. We didn't live that far from the beach and I could smell the ocean water. As we got closer,I could see sand. "I want to go to the beach!"she started whinning. I looked over at her and noticed she already finished her coffee. What? I decided to throw mine away in a near by trash can. "Ok."I said walking again. "Wait! Can you carry me?"she asked pulling her famous puppy dog face. I sighed and said,"Ok."  She jumped on my back and I held onto her thighs. As I carried her to the beach,she played with my hair. We reached the sand and I set her down. She ran to the water. I just walked along the sand. I felt Mia walking next to me. "Are you ok?"she asked stopping me. I just nodded. Of course Mia knows me too well. "Niall,what's wrong?"she asked putting her hands on my shoulders. I can't just tell her,it has to be special. "I can't tell you."I mumbled. She lifted my chin so I was looking into her beautiful green eyes. "Please?"she asked softly. "No. I can't. I just can't right now."I said and turned away from her. I started walking again. She caught up to me and didn't say anything. We got back to the house and everything was silent. No one was in the house. Mia pointed to the back yard. We both walked out and looked around. Did I mention that their back yard was huge? Well it is! They own like 3 acres. They have horses and some chickens and a big purple barn. Yes,purple. Anna,Lottie,and Fizzy painted it purple instead of red. Then it clicked. "They're probably riding the horses."I said pointing to the barn. She nodded and we ran in that direction. I was right,Anna was on her horse. Lottie and Fizzy were washing their horses. "Cupcake,slow down!"Anna yelled trying to get Cupcake to stop. Cupcake was her white horse;not sure what type of horse though. We walked to where the rest of the peoples were. "Niall,what's wrong?"Lou instantly asked. I looked at him confused. "What?"I asked still confused. "Mia isn't talking! What did you do to her?!"he asked pointing at Mia next to me. "He won't tell me."she said shaking her head. "Tell us!"Lou demanded. I just shook my head no. I walked over to where Anna was now getting off Cupcake. "Hey."she said as she reached the ground. "Hi."I said with a weak smile. "I know you like her."she said softly. "How?"I asked. "You're always yourself around her. You're never shy. Always loud. Always flirting with her."she smirked. I blushed and looked back at Mia. She was laughing with the others. I looked back at Anna. "You have to tell her before someone else steps in."she said nudging my ribs. I nodded and walked back and stood with Mia. We just talked for a few minutes. "Mia,do you want to ride Cupcake?"Anna asked walking over to us with Cupcake. Mia nodded and got up on Cupcake. She just walked her around. "Sammy,I need help!"someone yelled from inside the barn. We all ran into the barn,except Mia cause she rode. We found Fizzy in the big washing tub instead of Scarlet;her horse. "What happened?"Sammy asked as she pulled Fizzy out of the water. "I was washing her then she knocked me down and decided I was the one who needed a bath."Fizzy said before whipping some bubbles off her head. Sammy walked over to Scarlet ang hosed all the soap off. After that she put her in her stable stall. We all walked back to the house and Mia put Cupcake away. We walked into the living room and turned on the telly. I sat down on the smaller couch and felt someone sit next to me. I looked next to me to see Mia. She rubbed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. My head was now on top of her's. She was fast asleep and I started to drift off. Before I fell asleep I rapped my arm around her shoulder. I soon fell asleep,with a smile on my face. I noticed Mia had a smile on her face too. The image of her smilling was in my mind before I was asleep.

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