Unlikely love

Annabell is a sweet 16 year old. Her life is normal,except for her crazy brother. Sadly Anna is head-over-heals for her brother's best friend,Liam Payne. She has no other choice than to tell him the truth,after a huge rumor is spread around the school. When they fall in love her big bro gets in the way. Will her brother be able to get in the way of their love? Or will their love be strong enough to over power anything and anyone? Read the story to find out! BTW this story is when they are still in high school.


12. Last day!

Annabell's P.O.V.

I woke up on the floor in Liam's arms. I smilled to myself. A few weeks had passed of us being together. He is the best boyfriend ever! We haven't said anything like I love you cause we don't want to rush it. I slowly stood up and looked at the clock on the wall. We had a movie night with Lou and Bayli last night and we all slept in the lounge. The lounge was more of a kid living room so mum and dad could have their own. It was almost noon,wow we stayed up late last night. I decided to shower and get ready for my day with the girls. We're going shopping today since the last day of school is Wensday. I'm sooooo excited for summer break! Three months with my girls,favorite boyfriend,and four idiots. After my shower I got dressed in a pair of blue jeans,black tee shirt,and my purple cow girl boots. I brushed my crazy curls out and left them to dry on their own;it gives them a certain bounce. I walked back down stairs and walked to Bayli. "BAYLI!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!"I screamed in her face. She jumped and punched my nose. "Ouch!"I yellped and covered my nose. "Oh my God,are you ok?!"Bayli asked and ran over to me. I nodded and walked back to the bathroom. I checked and it wasn't broken. Just really sore. I came out and to the front door. Bayli was waiting outside;already dressed. Shortly after I walked outside,Mia showed up. I guess she walked. Allie pulled up in her car,Sammy already with her. We climbed into the back seat. I know April and Faith are me best friends too,but Mia,Allie,and Sammy don't really get along with them. Come to think of it I haven't seen or talked to them since Valentine's day. They completely dropped me as a friend. They lost my number and all contact with me. I have to talk to them tomorrow. I have to know what happened. My thoughts were interupted when the car stopped. We all got out and walked to the entrance of the mall. "Let's go to Rue 21 first. Then to Aero Postal. Then to Hollister. Then to get some shoes-"Mia was cut off by all of us. "Mia!"we all yelled at the same time. "We're only going shopping for the last day of school."Sammy reminded her. "Well I don't know about you guys,but I'm getting stuff for the summer."I said shrugging. They all nodded in agreement. "Ok,first Rue 21. Ready. Set. Go!"Sammy said and we all took off. I ran into the new store and looked around. I grabbed like 5 bikinis,sunglasses,10 shirts,and 10 pairs of shorts. The girls did the same and we ran to the dressing rooms. The only reason we run and stuff is cause whenever a new store opens up,we all race each other to see who can buy the cutest stuff in the least amount of time. I came out holding all the clothes I had grabbed and ran to the casheir <<<(Spelling?) I was the first to buy my stuff. I ran out of the store to wait. The girls all came back with their bags. We went to the next store for shoes. I walked in and looked around,since it wasn't new. I grabbed a pair of red supras. "I must have!"I said to myself before finding my size. I paid for them and waited for the girls. "Next Aero Postale!"Mia said as she took off running. Knowing Mia,we can't leave her on her own in a store. We caught up to her and walked into the store. I grabbed a pair of purple skinny jeans and a pink shirt. I paid for them and left without the girls. I ran down to Hollister before the girls noticed I was gone. I picked out my 'Last Day Of School' outfit. Not saying what I got till that day. I wanted to stand out from the group. We almost always ended up matching,without planning our outfits! I waited for the girls and we left. Once we were at my house I jumped out of the car and said goodbye. I unlocked the door and went straight for my room. I put all of my new clothes away and sat at my desk. I turned on my computer. I had a new e-mail. From Isabella: Hey girlie!!!!!! I miss u sooooo much!!!! I'm coming to England this week and I really wanted to know if you would meet me for a lunch???? Love you!!!! <3 =D LOVE**Bella** I screamed to myself. I haven't seen Bella since the 6th grade! We were seperated after the 6th grade. We were besties all through 4th and 5th grade. I missed her a lot,we lost contact for a long time. I e-mailed her back right away. To Isabella: I would love that!!!! Just tell me when you're around. U can meet my friends and bf!! ;D and send. I logged out of that and see if I needed to check anything else. Nope. I turned it off and layed down on my bed. Lou suddenly stormed into my room,making me jump. "I'm so bored! Will you take me to the park?"he asked pouting. I sighed and said,"Yes you big baby. I'll take you to the park."  I stood up and grabbed my phone as he ran out of my room screaming. He grabbed his football (soccer ball) and I grabbed my board. I skated down the sidewalk as he ran ahead of me. The only thing I didn't expect was all of the boys and Bayli waiting there for us. The boys started to play a game of soccer and I walked with Bayli to the skate park. The skate park was right next to the feild. I skated and bayli watched. I have to say,I'm not that girly under all the girly stuff I wear. I love riding Cupcake,skating,mud wrestling,hunting,and playing video games. I really don't enjoy all the stuff my friends do. We're all different from each other. We get along perfect and that's what makes us great friends.




Bayli's P.O.V.

"Louis,we've been here for 4 hours!"Anna screamed at her brother. I started to fall asleep again. I was laying on the grass and kept falling asleep. It was now 10:00 p.m. I was sooo tired. "Louis,we have school tomorrow!"Anna yelled again. I stood up and hugged Anna. I said bye and walked to the edge of the feild. "Love you Louis! I'm leaving now!"I yelled to Lou and started walking again. I was turned around. Louis. He kissed me softly and hugged me. "Love you too. See you in the morning."he said and ran off. I turned on my heel and walked home.


Liam's P.O.V.

I walked over to Anna. She looked pissed. "Sorry....."I said my voice trailing off. She raised her eyebrows and smilled. I leaned down and kissed her. She smilled against my lips. After that I walked her home and walked to my house. As soon as my face hit my pillow,I was out.


***The next day***


I woke up and quikely got dressed,since I woke up late. I grabbed a red and white plaid button up shirt and blue jeans. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I ran down the sreet to Lovebear's house. She ran out the door like on que. "Morning beautiful."I said before kissing her cheek. "Morning."she said and smilled. As usual,we held hands the whole way to school. We started to run so we wouldn't be late. We stopped in front of the doors and took a minute to catch our breath. I opened the door for her and we walked in. "OMG!!!! Did you hear?!?! There is gonna be a last day dance Wensday!!!!!'Mia yelled and then ran away. "Sounds fun."Anna said as she opened her locker. "Yeah......I might go."I said shrugging. She frowned and hugged me. I kissed her before we had to go our seperate ways. I ran down the hall to my first class and let the dreadful Monday begin.


***Later at lunch***


I got my food and sat down at the group's table. Anna sat down next to me. Unexpected,Faith and April sat down across from us. We all gave them confused looks. "Hey,I've been wanting to talk to you two."Anna said. They just glared at her. "Why have you guys been ignoring me so much lately?"Anna asked breaking the awkward silence. "We got better friends."April said gesturing to the so called 'popular' group. "Really?!?! Those losers!!!"Anna said with a slight laugh. "They are hell of a lot better then being friends with a back-stabber!"Faith yelled rudely. I just stayed silent. "What did I ever do?!?!"Anna asked raising her voice. "We'll talk about it later! At least in our own conversation."Faith said before they left. Anna was clearly pissed off. She stood up and stormed off,dumped her tray,and left the building. I left the table and followed after her.


Annabell's P.O.V.

I didn't do anything wrong! If anything they're the problem! I didn't know where I was going but I just kept walking. I was stopped and spun around. Liam. I calmed down as he hugged me. He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back. Since I was running late this morning I was only wearing shorts and a thin tee shirt. Of course I was wearing shoes;flip flops. I started to shiver and Liam noticed. He handed me his jacket he had in his locker. When I wouldn't take it,he slipped it over my head. "Liam! You made my hair all frizzy!"I whinned trying to tame my curls. He pulled out a gray beanie and pulled it over my curls. I kissed his cheek before running to my next class. I sat down and waited for the boring day to be over. So school is over and I'm walking home with Mia. I gotta say,we've become really close. Today we're just hanging out at my house. She's making me go shopping with her tomorrow since it's a formal dance. We got to my house and walked inside. We went up to my room and set our bags down. "I'm bored!"Mia already started to whine. I laughed at her and realized I was bored too. I plopped down on my bed and hung my head off the side. "let's do something fun!"Mia said and did the same as me. "I'm gonna draw."I said and got up. I grabbed my sketch pad and a pencil. I started drawing a bunny. I like bunnies. I must have been really bored cause I drew a bunny while making up a song about bunnies and Lou. My brother LOVES carrots so I compared him to a bunny. After I was done I wrote my name and date in the corner and named it Lou the bunny version. I turned the page and started drawing a girrafe for no reason. I looked up from the paper to see Mia on my computer. I don't know what she was doing so I kept drawing. I felt my phone vibrate next to me. I put down the sketch pad and looked at the new text. From Allie: OMG!!! I'm sooo bored!!! To Allie: Who's taking you to the dance??  From Allie: I'm going with a few friends. To Allie: WHO?!?! Like Harry?? ;)  From Allie: NO!!! I think he's taking Sammy.  To Allie: WHAT!?!?!?!? Gtg I need to talk to Sammy A.S.A.P!!!


Sammy: Hey,what's up??


Annabell: WHAT"S UP!!!!!! Is Harry taking u to the dance or not??


Sammy: Ya. WHY?? Why is it soooo bad for me to go with him?!?


Annabell: It's not,I'm happy for u!!


Sammy: Thanks! Sorry love,but gtg xx.


Annabell: Cya later xx.


I went back to drawing and Mia called me over to the computer. "What?"I asked standing up. "Look! I look awesome on the camera!"she said pointing to the screen. "Who are you trying to Skype?"I asked realizing what she was doing. Just then Niall's face appeared on the screen. "HI!"Niall said waving at the screen. "I can see you!"Mia said poking the screen. "Couldn't you guys not Skype and see each other in person?"I asked as I sat down on my bed. Mia had it to where Niall could see everything behind her. I got bored of listening to them flirt so I grabbed my guitar and started strumming. "White lips,pale face. Breathin in the snowflakes."I sang A-team by Ed Sheeran like as the background music. Mia said bye and turned off the Skype. She started spinning around in my desk chair.


***The next day***


Today went by really slow. Mia was dragging me through the dress store. She left me alone to look around. I looked here and there. I heard a scream come from the far end of the store. I ran in that direction to find Mia freaking out. "Mia! What's wrong?!"I asked running over to her. "Look at this dress! It's perfect!"she said pointing to a dress and screamed again. I looked at where she was pointing and saw a beautiful dress. It was a turquoise color with silver beading on the top,then at the waist it flows out into ruffles. "Mia,you have to get it!"I said admiring the dress. She nodded,took the dress and ran to the dressing room. I walked around and looked at some more dresses. A purple dress caught my eye. I walked over to it to get a better look. It was a long sleeve purple dress with silver glitter on the top. The sleeves were white lace and at about from the waist to the knee area,were layers of ruffly lace. I knew it was the dress I wanted. I grabbed it and paid for it. Mia paid for hers and we left the store. We went back to my house and went up to my room. I put my dress away and fell back onto my bed. "Anna! Come down stairs,we have a surprise for you!"my mum yelled. Mia and I ran out the door and down the stairs. I stopped at where my parents stood and waited impatiently. My dad covered my eyes and I heard some whispering. "Ok,open 'em!"dad said and removed his hands from my face. I looked at my brother holding a puppy! "Puppy!"I screamed and ran over to it. It was a great dane and it was sooo cute! "It's a girl and she's all yours!"mum said smilling. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuu!"I said hugging my parents. I ran back over to the puppy. "What are you gonna name her?"Mia asked as she played with the puppy. "How about.........Tiny. Since she's not gonna so tiny once she's older."we all laughed at what I said. "C'mon Mia,let's go to my room."I said as I picked up Tiny. We walked to my room and played with Tiny. A few hours passed as we watched Tiny chase her tail and act like a cat. "Mia,your mum is here!"Lou yelled from down stairs. "Bye,see ya tomorrow!"Mia said excitingly. "Tomorrow is our last day!"I said. We hugged,she said bye to Tiny and left. I was really tired so I laid down in my bed and snuggled up with my blankets. Tiny hopped up on my bed and got under the covers. I smilled and snuggled up with her instead.


***The next day***


I woke up to Tiny liking my nose. I got up and got my outfit ready for today. I fixed my hair first. I straightened it and that was all I was gonna do. That took about an hour,considering my crazy curls,so I had half an hour left. I went to bed around 8:00 so I woke up earlier than usual. I had my planned out my totally perfect outfit. I pulled on my black shorts and white lacy blouse. I put my black converse on and grabbed my black beanie. I put my phone in my pocket,grabbed my jean jacket and bag. I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. I set down my bag and made a breakfast smoothie. I checked the time and looked around for Lou. "Hey,ready?"he asked from behind me. I jumped and turned around. "Stop scaring me like that!"I said and slapped his arm. "Ow!"he said and rubbed the red spot. "Let's go,they're waiting for us."I said and turned around. We headed out the door to find the group waiting for us. I hugged Liam and we all started walking down the street. "You don't know what you're talking about! I can dance way better than you!"Mia and Allie argued. "OMG just stop already! It's the last day of school,do you really have to fight?"I said breaking up their fight. They stayed silent while everyone else talked. Liam and I ignored them and had our own conversation. "You look great."he said while grabbing my hand. "Not too bad yourself."I said smilling. He kissed my cheek and hugged my side. He rapped his arm around my shoulder and I rapped my arms around his stomach. We walked for a few minutes and now we were in front of the school. I sat down on the front steps and waited for the doors to open. Liam sat down next to me. "Are you going to the dance tonight?"he asked as he pulled me closer. I decided to be a smartass,"Yeah,but I'm going alone."  I was wearing a sad face. "Will you go with me?"he asked like it was no big deal. "What was that?"I asked putting my hand to my ear.He got down on his knees in front of me and asked, "Annabell,will you please go to the dance with me?"  "I'd love to."I answered with a big grin. He smilled and kissed me. Just then the front doors opened and I ran inside. I threw my stuff in my locker but didn't take anything with me cause we were having a party today. I rushed to Mrs.Foster's office,she's the councler and teacher that runs the helping hand group. The helping hand group is the group of students that help set up stuff like fundraisers,carnivals,and dances. I was the group leader so I had to be the first one there. "Good morning Annabell. Ready to start planning?"she asked hugging me. "Yep! What's first?"I asked taking a seat. "We'll start with the snacks and drinks for the party. I'll send two others with you to the store."she said handing me a list and the money. Whenever we needed something like that she would send me and others to a store down the street. "Should I get the decorations for the dance too? That way we can get all the stuff in one trip."I asked. "That's why you're the leader of the group. Always thinking ahead."she said and handed me another list. "I'll send Niall and April with you."she said looking at a list of names. "Niall should be enough help."I said remembering April's stupid choice. "What am I helping you with?"Niall asked standing in the door frame. "You are helping me get snacks,drinks,and decorations for the party and dance."I said walking past him. "Let's go!"he said walking next to me. Niall only joined the helping hand group so he could get out of class. I did it for the same reason at first but I really enjoyed it. Then I was voted to be the leader for it so I stayed. We walked down the halls to the front doors. I grabbed my board from my locker;I left it there yesterday. We made it to the store and walked inside. I gave him the list of the decorations and we split up. I grabbed a cart and raced down the aisles. I grabbed the drinks first and then the food. My cart was full of stuff by the time I got to the check out stands. I paid for all the stuff and waited for Niall to hurry up. He came out of the store carrying three bags. He helped me with all of my bags. We made it to Mrs.Foster's office with me only falling twice. After that we had to set up the caffeteria with the food and drinks and music. I was put in charge of the dance planning so I went down to the gym. I helped set up some decorations and blow up A LOT of balloons. "Anna,I need help with the music!"a girl named Sarah whinned. I got down from the lader I was on. "Niall,you hang the streamers."I said and threw the tape at him. "Ok,so we'll need some slow songs and some up beat dancing songs."I said looking at some songs she had already planned out. Sarah is the DJ for almost all the dances. She had really good taste in music. "And I'll take requests at one point."she said nodding. "Ahhhh!"my head shot up when I heard a scream. "Niall,what are you doing?"I asked jumping off the stage. "I'm putting up the streamers like you said."he said shrugging. I looked at the mess he had made. He threw streamers everywhere!!!! "Ugh!"I groaed before helping pick up. This is gonna take a while.

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