Unlikely love

Annabell is a sweet 16 year old. Her life is normal,except for her crazy brother. Sadly Anna is head-over-heals for her brother's best friend,Liam Payne. She has no other choice than to tell him the truth,after a huge rumor is spread around the school. When they fall in love her big bro gets in the way. Will her brother be able to get in the way of their love? Or will their love be strong enough to over power anything and anyone? Read the story to find out! BTW this story is when they are still in high school.


3. Just go away!

Annabell's P.O.V.

I slammed my bedroom door shut and sat on my bed,letting the tears fall freely. I heard foot steps and some whispering. There was a quiet knock on the door. "Anna,can I come in?"Lou asked. I opened the door,only letting my brother in. He instantly hugged me and tried comforting me. He rubbed my back as I sobbed into his shoulder. "I'm sorry,I didn't know it freaked you out so bad. Why won't you tell Liam the truth?"he asked setting me on the bed. "Cause I don't have to."I mumbled. We sat there for a few minutes until there was another knock on the door. "Can I talk to you,alone?"Liam asked. I nodded to Lou and walked to the balcony. I leaned on the railing and stayed silent. I heard Lou say,"Don't you dare hurt her!" before shutting the door. I wasn't crying anymore and now there was tear stains on my cheeks. Liam stood next to me and leaned against the railing too. He didn't say anything,just stood there with me. A few minutes passed of awkward silence. I felt a little uncomfortable,just standing there. I could feel him looking at me as I looked at my hands. "What happened?"he finally spoke up. "Nothing you need to worry about."I almost whispered. "If you ever need someone to talk to,I'm always here."he said with a weak smile. I wasn't in the mood to talk,to anyone. "I have Bayli for that."I said,showing no emotion. I practically stomped to my room and out the door. I slid down the stairs. No,like I literally jumped on the railing of the stairs and slid down it. I got to the back yard only to find my worst nightmare. Of course! Louis and Bayli were flirting and being all cute. Well I abseloutley hate it! I turned around and started to run for my room,only to bump into Liam. He tried to stop me from falling. That only caused him to fall on top of me. "Sorry. I was trying to save you from falling."he said with a slight laugh. His laugh was so adorable. "Yeah,now can you get off me?"I asked giggling. He got up then pulled me up. I was about to walk past him but he stopped me. "You can't spend the rest of the night in your room. We still haven't played volley ball."he said blocking my way. "I'm not in the mood."I said getting around him. "Oh no you don't!"he said.


Liam's P.O.V.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her over my shoulder. "Stop! Liam put me down!"she shouted. "Who's Liam? That's not what you call me."I said heading for the back yard. "Fine! LiLi,please let me go to my room?"she asked in a baby voice. "Nope!"I said walking through the slidding glass door. She was laughing without control. Oh how I love to hear that cute laugh. "LiLi,I'm serious! Put me down!"she said through laughter. I put her down next to the pool. She instantly stopped laughing when she saw Lou and Bayli whispering and laughing. "I thought we were gonna play volley ball?"I said looking around. "Ok then. Bayli,LiLi,and Fizzy you guys are on my team!"Lovebear said. The rest of the people were on the other team. "Wait. There's one person too many."Bayli said. "Have you forgotten that we're on the school's volley ball team?"Lovebear asked making are-you-serious face. "True. They're gonna need all the help they can get."Bayli said passing the ball to me. We all took our spots in the sand pits. Oh,they have a lot of stuff like a small sand volley ball pit and other stuff. I served the ball and it went over the net. Harry hit it and it was all easy,till it got to Lovebear. She spiked it and urned us a point.


We won the game and it was 21-7! It was hilarious that they lost so bad. After a fit of laughter,we were all just hangn' out. Since it's the time where the sun doesn't set till 9,it was still pretty warm outside. Lovebear,Lottie,Fizzy,and I were in the pool. Lottie and Fizzy got into a splashing fight and Lovebear seemed really bored. A sudden breeze hit us. We all got out of the pool and ran inside with towels. Lottie and Fizzy went to their room.(since they share one) Lovebear ran to her room. I grabbed my clothes and changed in the bathroom.

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