Unlikely love

Annabell is a sweet 16 year old. Her life is normal,except for her crazy brother. Sadly Anna is head-over-heals for her brother's best friend,Liam Payne. She has no other choice than to tell him the truth,after a huge rumor is spread around the school. When they fall in love her big bro gets in the way. Will her brother be able to get in the way of their love? Or will their love be strong enough to over power anything and anyone? Read the story to find out! BTW this story is when they are still in high school.


1. Meeting Annabell

Annabell's P.O.V.

"Anna! Dinner is ready!"my big brother yelled from the back yard. He was so annoying! "I'm coming!"I yelled from my balcony. My room was on the second floor with a balcony. I was relaxing in the cool shade,reading a book. Well I was relaxing until my brother started yelling! "Why are you being so slow?"Louis asked from behind me. I jumped really bad and landed on my ass. "You scared the shit out of me!"I squelled at him. He was now laughing while rolling around on the floor. I got up and jumped on him. "Stop laughing at me! It wasn't funny!"I whinned. "Oh yes it was!"I hear a voice from the door way. My head shoots in that direction. I see Harry,one of Louis friends,laughing hysterically. "Harry!!!!!"I shouted running over to him. He rapped me into a huge hug. "I missed you,Hazza!"I said excited. "I missed you more!"he said,setting me down. "I've known you since you were in diappers and I don't get a hug?"Niall whinned. I ran over to him and hugged him really tight. Louis didn't like the fact that all of his friends were my friends too. Oh ya,I bet you wonder "What about Louis??" Well he's my big brother. All his best friends are my best  friends and I love them like my brothers. I would gladly trade any of them to be my brother instead of Louis. All except Liam. I've had a crush on Liam since the first grade. Louis,Niall,Harry,Zayn,and Liam are all 18 and I'm 16.


Oh ya,I should probably tell you about myself. My name is Annabell Love Tomlinson. I have crystal blue eyes and short blonde curls (more like springs). I'm 16 and shy around people I don't know that well. If you're nice to me I'll be really bubbley and myself around you. I can be loud and crazy but not as much as my brother is. I have two younger sisters,Charolette and Folicette. Lottie is 14 and Fizzy is 12. They are adorable and try to be like me all the time. My best friends are Allie,Sammy,April,Faith,and Bayli. Bayli stays at my house all the time and she likes my brother,so ya major EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my brother and all it's just,he can be soooo annoying and irratating. I also have braces,the colors are neon green and black.


So anyway,we were all walking to the back yard to eat dinner. The boys come and stay the night here all the time (just like Bayli). They all live on the same street so they eat dinner with us a lot too. Usually their parents would come too if we were having a bar-be-que. This time we were missing their parents plus Liam and Zayn. "Hey mum,where is the rest of the group?"I asked my mum while helping her with the food. "They had to work and the boys should be here any minute."mum answered setting down a bowl of chips and salad. I nodded and help bring the rest of the food to the table by the pool. It was Spring time and it was already pretty hot outside. I was wearing a zebra print bikini under my hot pink nike shorts and tank top. I love the tank top because it says 'SEXY' in glitter. "Hey cutie."I heard someone say next to me. I screamed and fell in the pool. When I got to the surface,Zayn was holding his hand out to help me out. I grabbed his hand and with his srength,it was easy for him to pull me out. A slight breeze picked up and I shivered. Zayn rapped a towlel around my shoulders and hugged me. I was FREEZING!!!! I just stood there as he rubbed my back. "You okay?"he asked concerned,looking down at me. "Yeah,I'm fine."I said walking inside. I ran up to my room and dried off. I changed into my DRY American flag bikini. I don't even know why I bought it,I'm from England. I put an oversized blue shirt that says 'I love my big bro' in pink. Louis got it for me on my sweet sixteenth birthday. He aslo bought me a car so I can't complain. I heard some voices outside and I ran to my balcony. A HUGE smile grew on my face as I saw Liam walking by the pool. I ran down the stairs and into the back yard. "What's the rush?"Louis asked as I ran past him. "I'm starving!"I quikly lied. I grabbed a plate and pilled it with food. I ate fast so I would purpousley finish before the boys. "Ha,I win!"I said doing a victory dance. "Well we have to reward her. So what will it be this time?"Niall asked looking at the boys. They all whispered something to each other. They looked back at me. "You get to choose this time."Niall says. A smile grew on my face as I thought,this is going to be fun.

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