Jealousy is My Middle Name

One day 17 year old Lilith Andrews is told by her parents to pack her bags and get ready to move to London. Surprisingly she doesn't complain and is actually happy to leave all the drama of her hometown. Little does she know that London has even more drama waiting for her. As if meeting a boy band isn't enough, how about becoming best friends with them? Lilith is then faced with falling head over heels for one of the boys but... hes taken.


3. The Single Mingle

Lilith's P.O.V.

After a few minutes Kelly had came over and I had introduced them to her. Now we all sat asking each other questions. By now I knew all their names and a bit about their career. Where I come from it is like just country music so i wasn't very familiar with boy bands. I am not complaining though, country music tells really good relatable stories. (I am so cool right?)

"So you girls single?" asked Harry(The curly haired boy)

Kelly quickly shook her head. "I am." I blushed.

"wow thats surprising" said Louis(beautiful blue eyes) and Liam gave him a glare. Now that was strange.

"What about you guys?" I asked pretending Louis didn't say anything. Kelly gave me a look, I think she is still surprised I don't know anything about them. I was just trying to make conversation.

"Harry and I are single." Niall said and Harry nodded his head in agreement.

"Speaking of which, we should head back. The girls are probably waiting on us." said Liam checking his phone. You could tell he was the responsible one.

"CRAP!" yelled Kelly causing me to jump.

"What the freak Kelly?" I asked about ready to slap her.

"We have to go, I am gonna be late" She said. She stood up saying goodbye to the boys and thanking them for the autographs before walking outside, leaving me.

I just shook my head as I stood up. "Well, it was nice to meet all of you. I had a lot of fun." I said. They all told me their goodbyes before I raced after Kelly. I would probably never see them again but it definitely was cool to hang out with them.

"Why the big hurry?" I asked Kelly once we got to her place.

"Jeremy is gonna be at my house soon to pick me up, our date remember?" she replied as she put some lipstick on. I just nodded my head knowingly. I totally forgot about their date and to be honest I wish we could've stayed with the boy band. The doorbell then rang and Kelly ran down the stairs. "Don't trip.." I mumbled as I followed her slowly. Kelly swung the door open and then they were kissing. Talk about awkward. I waited a few seconds then started fake coughing, they finally broke apart.

"Need us to drop you off?" Jeremy asked trying to be nice. I didn't really know him well but Kelly was happy so it was cool.

"No, thank you. I'll see you later Kelly." I said. Once we were outside I waved goodbye to them and started walking down the sidewalk. I wasn't sure where my house was exactly but I would probably find it eventually. If I needed to I would get a taxi.

A few minutes later I was on the busy streets of London. Men is business suits walked around in a hurry and people jabbering on their cellphones. Things sure were faster around here than at home. I started to feel homesick. I missed walking out the front door and stepping into nature. Roads made of gravel and dirt and where people seems to "stop and smell the roses" more often. I looked down at my clothes. It was a little fancier than I liked but Kelly had been trying to help me blend better. She said my sense of style was great, but i needed more pizazz! whatever that means. She had me buy some fancier looking clothes.

I continued to walk and a few blocks later I got hit with a delicious smell. I looked over spotting a Nandos. Kelly had mentioned them before, apparently they were suppose to be really good. I felt my stomach growl, fine we will go eat. A little bit later I was sitting down nibbling on some chicken.

"You gonna eat that?" said an Irish voice behind me causing me to jump. I looked to see Niall already stuffing his face with food.

"Sorry" he said laughing as he sat down across from me.

"Where are the others?" I asked looking around.

"Out with their girlfriends and who knows what Harry is up to. I got hungry." He said. I felt bad for him but I could totally relate.

"Yeah, Kelly is out on a date with her boyfriend." I replied before I went back to eating my chicken.

Niall looked at me and starting laughing. "What?" I asked confused.

"Usually girls are always watching what they eat and eat so formally" He said handing me a napkin. I felt myself blush as I wiped my face. No wonder he was laughing. I must be eating like a pig, I have barely ate all day.

"Sorry.." I said softly. Maybe that's why i could never get a date.

"Don't apologize. It's nice to see a girl who enjoys food" He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back.

"So, tell my about yourself" He asked.

"Well, I am not that interesting."

"Aw come on."

"Fine" I said giving in, i hate arguing.

"My favorite color is Red, I was born and raised in southern America but my parents are both from England, I love to brighten peoples day and I eat out with famous Irish boys ." I said smiling at the last part.

"My favorite color is Green, I am from Ireland, I love food, I love to sing and play guitar, and I eat Nandos with random cute American girls" He said giving me a wink. I felt my cheeks turn red but tried to hide it by stuffing more food in my mouth.

"You are a lot of fun to hang out with" Niall said after we had finished eating. We hadnt really talked about much. He just asked me a bunch of random questions like if i had any siblings, which i don't. I hadn't really learned much about him.

"Yeah, you too. Maybe we can again sometime?" I asked trying not to be too weird.

"Definitely. Need a ride?" He asked holding up his car keys.

"Yeah, sure. Thank you." I said as I followed him to his car.

The ride home was pretty quiet, it was spent mostly trying to direct him to my place which was only a few minutes away from where we were. Once we were there I hopped out of the car, Niall getting out to come stand next to me.

"Thanks for the ride" I said as I turned to walk inside. I didn't really know what else to say.

"Hey Lily?"

I quickly turned around. " Yes?"

He walked up to me handing me a piece of paper. I opened it up and noticed some numbers. I looked up at him confused

"It's my phone number in case you ever need anything or want to text." He said. Oh duh, I knew that...

I just nodded my head. "Thanks, bye Niall."

"See ya" He said.

I quickly ran inside. I can't believe I met a famous boy band and one of the members gave me his number. I didn't even know who they were yesterday! Wait till Kelly found out about this. I started to walk upstairs to my room but got stopped by my dad.

"Lilith, who was that boy?" He asked.

"He's just a friend dad. He's famous." I said.

He just nodded his head before leaving. Typical. I went to my room and collapsed on my bed. I was super tired. So much had happened today. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep.



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