Jealousy is My Middle Name

One day 17 year old Lilith Andrews is told by her parents to pack her bags and get ready to move to London. Surprisingly she doesn't complain and is actually happy to leave all the drama of her hometown. Little does she know that London has even more drama waiting for her. As if meeting a boy band isn't enough, how about becoming best friends with them? Lilith is then faced with falling head over heels for one of the boys but... hes taken.


2. One.. what? Direction.

Lilith's P.O.V.

I absolutely love this dress.

"Oh my gosh Kelly look at this!" I said spinning around. Kelly and I had been shopping for about an hour but still hadn't decided on what to buy.  This dress was so me though. It was a strapless red dress that went just above my knees and in the back had a cute little bow. She walked over and looked me up and down. "Sexy." She winked and I felt myself blush. I had never really bought any fancy clothes so I decided to buy it along with a cute pair of red high heels I had found. It would make a cute outfit IF I ever got asked out. Kelly had also found a dress she liked. It was a long dark blue dress that looked so good on her and matched her blue eyes and dark hair. After paying for everything we walked out of the store and made our way to a cafe nearby. It was really cold outside so we tried to walk fast.

We mostly talked the whole time at the cafe, occasionally sipping on our drinks as we spoke.

"Jeremy is taking me out tonight." Said Kelly smiling.

"That's cool." I said trying to be nice. Jeremy was Kelly's boyfriend and they were an adorable couple, I just wish I could have a relationship like that. Someone to go to the movies with, cuddle all day and watch movies, hold hands, etc. Yet again the Jealousy burned in my chest. I frowned.

"Aww come on girl. You will find your guy someday." Kelly said, she knew me so well.

"I'm forever alone!" I groaned and laid my forehead against the window next to us while Kelly talked about how I would find someone someday.

That's when I saw them. As if they heard my plea, five boys walked down the side walk towards us. They were all smiling and laughing and I watched them as they stepped into the cafe. Kelly looked behind her following my gaze just as a curly haired boy took off his hood. She turned towards me with wide eyes.

"You know them?" I asked confused while still watching them.

"That's freaking One Direction!" She said in a loud whisper. I only raised my eyebrows at her. "A famous boy band? oh my gosh you have to get their autographs for me!"  I shook my head in response.

"Do it yourself!" I told her crossing my arms.

"Pleaseeee I'll love you forever?" Kelly said with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine." I said giving in. There was no use in arguing with her. Besides it couldn't be that bad, just walk up and ask. She reached into her purse pulling out a notepad and marker and handed it to me. Dang, what else did she have in there?

After watching all the boys sit down and order their drinks I stood up and walked over there. I felt like a creeper doing this but it was too late to turn back now. Once I got closer all of their eyes were fixed on me. I felt quite uncomfortable because I didn't exactly know who they were. What if Kelly was lying? Watch them be some random group of druggies who are gonna kidnap me. Finally, I was only about a foot away.

"Uhm, Hello. Are you guys One.. uh" I began. Crap I forgot the name.

"Direction." a blonde one corrected.

"Right.. Well my cousin would like ya'lls autographs if you don't mind." I said.

"Does she have a cute accent like you?" The blue eyes brown haired boy asked. He was very cute but then I remembered he was famous and probably taken. He winked and I felt myself blush. I did not have much experience with cute boys obviously.

"Thanks but no. I just recently moved here from America." I said smiling.

They passed around the notepad all signing it.

"Would you like our autographs too?" Asked the curly haired boy from before.

"No thank you. To be honest, I've never heard of you guys before.." I said trying not to say y'all  too much but it had became a habit.

They all looked surprise at my response. The blonde haired boy patted the seat next to him.

"Would you like to sit down?" He asked and I nodded my head smiling. He has an adorable Irish accent. Sure I'll sit down next to you, it couldn't hurt right?

So then the questions began, and I didn't know it yet but so did a whole new journey.

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