Jealousy is My Middle Name

One day 17 year old Lilith Andrews is told by her parents to pack her bags and get ready to move to London. Surprisingly she doesn't complain and is actually happy to leave all the drama of her hometown. Little does she know that London has even more drama waiting for her. As if meeting a boy band isn't enough, how about becoming best friends with them? Lilith is then faced with falling head over heels for one of the boys but... hes taken.


4. Elounor

Lilith's P.O.V.

The next morning seemed to pass by fairly quickly, as if someone had hit fast forward on a remote. My parents were already busy working and after having a long relaxing shower i sat on the couch watching youtube videos. If you were to look through my history right now you'd find a million One Direction videos, from songs to interviews. I laughed at how fan girly that sounded. In the last few hours though I had learned a ton about all of the boys. Even some things like their exact heights, I have no idea how someone found that out or why i even needed to know that but oh well. Thank you Directioners, y'all sure know your stuff. I eventually got bored of youtube so I shut my laptop and picked up my phone.

I heard it ring a couple times before his adorable accent finally answered. "Hello?"

"Hey Niall, it's Lily" I said as I walked back to my room. The house was really quiet but I had gotten used to that by now. My parents were probably busy working on their books, like usual. I love them but i feel like i never see them even when they are home. It does get lonely at times though.

"Oh hi, is something wrong?" He asked concerned. Awww he was worried about me, how sweet. To be honest, I wasn't sure why i had called him. I guess I just wanted someone to talk to since i didn't have many friends here besides Kelly.

"No, just having a lazy day and wanted to see what you were doing." I said trying to act like I've talked to him a million times.

"Well I am actually hanging out with the boys at our flat right now. You can come over if you want?" He asked and i took a minute to think about it. I honestly didn't have anything better to do and the little time i had spent with them was a ton of fun.

"I'd love to!" I said smiling even though i knew he couldn't see.

"Great! I'll be there in a few." he said before hanging up and i rushed to get ready. I needed to look more presentable if i was gonna be hanging around with a famous boy band. Who knows if i will be getting my picture taken. I sighed as i looked down at my sweats. I was so comfortable though! I scanned through my clothes for a few minutes before i finally decides on some black leggings with a cute white tiger top along with a cute pair of boots to match since it was kinda chilly outside. After doing my make up i went downstairs to wait for Niall.

It seemed so strange to talk about Niall so casually. It's like talking about Harry Potter as if he was real. Awkward... Just then an image of the leprechaun popped into my head. He was so adorable, it was nice to have a new friend. I hoped our friendship would last unlike so many I have had before. It was hard for me to trust people after being used so much but he seems like a really great guy and his friends seem cool. Especially Louis.. a sigh escaped my lips as i thought of him. He was really.. i don't know. Handsome, funny, charming, etc? I shook my head, I had already learned that he had a girlfriend so no need to set myself up for another broken heart.

A few minutes had passed of me fixing my hair in the mirror, out of boredom, when i heard a car pull into the driveway. Obviously it had to be Niall so I grabbed my phone and ran outside, not bothering to tell my parents. When they were getting really into their writing they hardly ever noticed I was gone anyways. The few weeks or so when they had just finished a book was nice though. It was like we were a 'perfect' family. Sadly it was gone before I knew it and they were back to spending all their time focusing on the next book.

As I approached the car Niall smiled at me and i smiled back as i got into the passenger side. "Ready?" He asked as I put my seat belt on.

"Yep, lets go" I replied sitting up in my seat.

Suddenly a pair of hands were over my eyes and I screamed. My mind was going a million miles an hour. Was I being kidnapped? Did Niall set me up? What should i do? I "Guess who!" whispered a voice followed by an unfamiliar giggle. I let out a breath not realizing i was holding it and took a few minutes to calm myself.

"Santa Claus." I said and the hands were then removed. I blinked my eyes a few times waiting for them to focus. My heart started to slow down and I took a deep breath before looking behind me.

"Correct!" he said. Of course! I would know those eyes anywhere. After taking a minute to realize what just happened I looked over at Niall and we both started laughing.

"You scared me to death Louis!" I said while laughing and he just smiled at me.

"Well are you going to introduce us Lou?" Said a sweet voice from the back seat. I turned towards it and for the first time I noticed her. I had seen several pictures of her but in person she looked so much prettier.

"Sorry babe. Lily this is my girlfriend Eleanor, Eleanor this is Lily. The boys and I ran into her and her cousin at a cafe yesterday. She hadn't even heard of us before!" He said and I couldn't help but notice them holding hands. Jealousy, ouch, it hurts.

"Really? wow! Where are you from?" She asked me.

"United States, Georgia." I said trying to sound as sweet as her but failing miserably.

"Oh nice" was all she said then her and Louis seemed to continue a conversation and I turned to look at Niall as he started driving.

"I told the boys I was going to pick you up and Louis asked if we could go get El too" Niall said and I just nodded my head.

The rest of the car ride was short but silent. I spent most of it looking out the window at London but I admit that every now and then I'd glance at 'Elounor' in the backseat. 






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