Jealousy is My Middle Name

One day 17 year old Lilith Andrews is told by her parents to pack her bags and get ready to move to London. Surprisingly she doesn't complain and is actually happy to leave all the drama of her hometown. Little does she know that London has even more drama waiting for her. As if meeting a boy band isn't enough, how about becoming best friends with them? Lilith is then faced with falling head over heels for one of the boys but... hes taken.


1. Intro: Happy to Leave

Lilith's P.O.V.

Most kids who are abruptly told by their parents that they have to move across the world, away from all of their friends would go crazy and probably beg to stay home. I didn't though because I was happy to leave and I was ready. I would miss my friends and I would miss this small town but I needed to get away from it all. From all the heartache and the drama, it was all just becoming to much for me. It seemed to be that my whole life almost every guy i had ever became close to had given me the 'friend" card. It was hard considering that while all my friends had boyfriends to hang out with and dates for every dance, i was the loser that their boyfriends texted for advice. At first I didn't mind because I am usually a really understanding person but i felt like they always just wanted something from me I'm being home schooled now, so luckily I wont have to deal with the Jealousy in the pit of my stomach every time I see a happy couple. Especially that one so called perfect couple from home but thats a long and different story. So to answer the important question, yes I am glad to be here in London.

There's not much I can tell you about my past, it's very boring and also extremely ordinary. I grew up in small town America full of country folks. In case your wondering, I do have a country accent. My parents find it adorable but it can get a bit annoying to me. When I was just a baby my parents moved here from London, England. You see they are both writers and they wanted to get away from the big city and move somewhere unique. Somewhere they could get different ideas to add to their books. That's how we ended up in a small town but we moved back to England last month. I guess my parents missed home, i can understand why though, it is really beautiful here. At least now I get to see my cousin Kelly more. Shes awesome and we've always been super close. It might seem crazy since we lived so far apart but we stayed in touch, one reason why I love Skype.

My parents asked me when we first moved here if I wanted to attend public school but I really didn't want to start a new school especially since I'll be graduating soon. I have lots of free time now since I'm home schooled also so thats a huge plus, no annoying teenagers or horrible teachers. I keep myself busy though, Kelly has been giving me tours around London when shes not working and I have to say it is truly a wonderful city. Today we're going shopping and she should be arriving soon.

Until then I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself. My names Lilith, my friends call me Lilly. I have dirty blonde wavy/curly hair that goes to my shoulder and I have bright blue eyes. Also I am 17 but getting close to the big 18. I have an attitude at times but mostly I am just a bundle of joy. I love to make people smile and laugh, always have. It's just a part of who I am and I love to work hard to brighten up anyone's day. Even if that person is just a stranger. I try not to get too upset about things but I am quite sensitive. If they had a contest I would probably win first place for most likely to cry during a sad movie.( I find lots of movies sad) My favorite color is red because I am obsessed with red lipstick. I wear it nearly all the time. I have no idea why, I just think its awesome on me. The most important thing you should know about me is that I love music. I listen to all kinds and wanna know a secret? I play the piano and I write songs. I don't think I am that good to be honest. I love playing though and the sound of me and my piano is just so beautiful.

My daydreams were interrupted when I heard a horn from outside. Oh, Kelly must be here. Time for some shopping in London, this was gonna be fun.


~Authors Note~

I know I am writing two other fan fictions right now and I am working hard on them too but I got an idea for this story and had to write it down for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! This chapter is really just an introduction to the story so If you do like it, I'll write more. Thanks for reading! Love you all <3

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