Maddilen Gennings, a regular girl, met someone she always wanted to meet . Guess who ? One direction! Her once best friend Liam Payne, was now in. He had no idea how much she missed him and how much he missed her. One day, her mom got her tickets so she can reunite with Liam but then died due to colon cancer. She didn't even want to go but knew no one that liked them. Now she had no mom or dad. her dad died in Pakistan because he was in the marines . But when she goes to the concert , the unexpected happened , ....... Read the book to find out ! Please(: this is my first one and I'm scared what do you think? Please tell me in the comments! Bye(:


1. New life , new love(;

Maddilen's POV:

It was a rainy day in London. Like always -_- . I was looking through all my high school yearbooks and recognized my so called 'best friend to the end' 's face . Liam Payne. The one I thought that had my back and held me while I cried . But boy was I wrong or was I? Now he's a big 'Hot Shot' in the band 'One Direction' . Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him but I just have a hard time getting over him. Yeah, I said it , I HAD a crush on Liam Payne. MY best friend . I tried to tell him in high school but would always back out. Now that mom and dad are gone, (read in des.) I'm all alone with no one like them to love me.): buttt.... My mom got me One Direction tickets before she died soo what the heck ! Why not, I'm lucky to have fridgenn front row seats and backstage passes, for goodness sakes! Yah, I know what your thinking, " I thought she would hate them?" But nooooo, I actually love them so I was excited. I decided that I would go to Starbucks and get a mocha.(: ~10 minutes later~ I step into the sweet aroma of the warmness and smell. I got in line and waited for a good solid 2 minutes. xD But dang was it good ! After I finished I went and got ready for the concert later. I had 12 hours until the concert so I had time. After I showered and curled my hair I went into my walk in closet and picked a pretty outfit. It was a see-through long-sleeved shirt with a pair of high-waisted white shorts a white undershirt and black vans with my curled up hair I added a white flower to make my awesome look pop out notcthat I wanted to but oh well. ~Major Time Skip of time of concert~ the concert was a blast ! Wait uh-oh what will Liam say to me? Will he avoid me or run up and kill me to death with hugs?
~geez this took awhile to write but this is only the first chapter and I swear it gets better . I will try as much as I can okay? Love yuewh me little carrots! (}:
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