Maddilen Gennings, a regular girl, met someone she always wanted to meet . Guess who ? One direction! Her once best friend Liam Payne, was now in. He had no idea how much she missed him and how much he missed her. One day, her mom got her tickets so she can reunite with Liam but then died due to colon cancer. She didn't even want to go but knew no one that liked them. Now she had no mom or dad. her dad died in Pakistan because he was in the marines . But when she goes to the concert , the unexpected happened , ....... Read the book to find out ! Please(: this is my first one and I'm scared what do you think? Please tell me in the comments! Bye(:


2. He-He missed Me?!

Maddilen POV:

Geez, why am I freaking out? Their just normal people. But I'm scared . Pshhh what am I saying he probably forgot about me!): oh well I came here to clear my mind but I don't know if that's gunna happen. I slowly walk up to them. Great last girl in line. Hi(:" I said. "Hello love" they said. "What's your name?" Harry asked. "Maddilen but you can call me Maddi(:" "Wow, pretty name." Niall said. "Thanks(:!" I said. Liam just stared at me. Freaky and awkward. "Maddi, Maddilen, geez what's your last name? You seem so familiar.?" "Uh Gennings. Why? And you should know." Liam and the boys just stood there. Speechless. I could tell what they mean. No, I'm not a witch but a human. "Maddi!?" Liam ran up to me and killed me with hugs. YUSssH!(: "OmG I missed you sooo much!" Liam said while still hugging me. "Hehe Diddo(: I thought you would never remember." "Not remember? Please, I missed you we need to catch up!" Liam said with a smile. "Totally(: "
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