New Girl

Katie and her family just moved to Mullingar all the way from Chicago. She finds herself living next door to Niall Horan. Lucky for the both of them Katie is an A+ math student while Niall is in need of a tutor.


3. School

I never really hated school, i actually kinda enjoyed it. I liked my classes, teachers and i saw my friends a lot. So how could i complain? Well lets start with the fact that i was new, i had just moved here from a totally different country and i didn't know any one. Now its Monday morning and school was about to start. 'Well here goes nothing' i couldn't help but think to myself before walking into the front office of the school.

"Why hello there you must be our new student!" said the woman who i assumed to be the secretary. 

"Huh? oh um hi i'm Katie" i replied.

"Well Katie here's your schedule and a box that will have all your books and things you'll need for the year" she smiled handing me the box and paper " You can take a seat over there, were going to have a student with the same classes as you be your buddy until you get the hang of things" 

"Okay" i smiled taking a seat.

i ended up only having to wait a few minutes before my "buddy" showed up. Of course with my amazing luck i already knew him, yup it was the boy who caught me when i tripped on the curb, how embarrassing.


Turns out his name was Niall, and not only was he my buddy for the week, he was also my neighbor. 'Well say something to him' i thought.

"So erm Niall, do you walk to school?"

"Um ya why?"

"Oh um its just i have to walk home and i'm not exactly sure how to get there"

He laughed "Ya we can walk home together, did one of your parents drop you off this morning?"

"Ya" i said while we walked into English. Well that wasn't too bad... 

"OMG" i heard a girl kinda shout as we walked in. "Your Katie, me and my friends your your videos on youtube, i didn't know you would be going to school here!" she said walking up to us.

"Oh really, i didn't think i'd be very popular here." i said a little bit surprised. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad.

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