New Girl

Katie and her family just moved to Mullingar all the way from Chicago. She finds herself living next door to Niall Horan. Lucky for the both of them Katie is an A+ math student while Niall is in need of a tutor.


2. New Home

We ended up arriving at our new house before the truck with our things had. Lucky for me i was smart enough to pack my camera and laptop in my backpack. I ended up in my (new) room, which was still empty but it would have to do. I pulled out my camera while shutting the door before sitting up against a wall. Well here goes nothing i thought before hitting the record button.

"Hello youtube" I smiled "If you already haven't heard my family moved... all the way to Ireland! So we actually just arrived and were at our new house, and this" I said gesturing to the room "Is gonna be my new room. So as you can my room is still very empty" I said turning the camera to show the room "You see the truck that's supposed the bring all of our stuff isn't here yet so where kinda waiting" I laughed. "Well in other news i was able to set up a new DOP box so i guess if you wanna send stuff the address in in the description below, also if you happened to send something to the old address don't worry their gonna send out my direction..."  I ended up stopping when i hear the door bell ring down stairs. " Hey that must be them now!" I said before hitting the pause button.

Going down stairs i realized that not only did the truck show up but also our new neighbors came over for a visit. I hadn't taken much notice of them mainly because it was just a husband and wife. So i decided to go ahead and start bringing some of my stuff in. Even in another country i still manage to be the klutz i have always been. While going to grab some boxes i tripped over the curb, 'Good going Katie you fell lets just hope no one saw it' i couldn't help but think to myself. That's when i finally realized i never fell, some one had caught me.

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