New Girl

Katie and her family just moved to Mullingar all the way from Chicago. She finds herself living next door to Niall Horan. Lucky for the both of them Katie is an A+ math student while Niall is in need of a tutor.


1. Moving

All of the boxes were packed, our old house was now empty and we were just getting ready to board our flight to our new home in Ireland. I couldn't believe we were going to be moving, i had lived in Chicago my whole life. Now I had to say goodbye to all my friends pack up and start all over again, i was really dreading this move. Now don't get me wrong i LOVE Ireland, that where we always went on vacation, it's just I'm going to miss all my friends. I was finally beginning to loosen up i could be myself with them, and now i had to start all over and unwillingly go back to being the shy awkward person i am when you first meet me. But on the bright side of this move I don't have to be that shy girl, i can be someone completely  different, reinvent myself, like I've been given a second chance at life. Now all i have to do is not screw it all up...

-on the plane- 

The plane was just pulling out of the gate and we were about to take off. I had gotten a window seat and the aisle seat next to me was empty *yes* i put in my ear buds and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri was the first song to come on shuffle. This was was going to be a long flight but i had a feeling i would enjoy it.  


So this is short and i am new to all this so if your reading thank you SO SO SO much i really appreciate it and give me feedback on how i can improve C:

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