Unconditional Love

"I hate you, Niall Horan!" Alex Runner's grade school years were excruciating, but only because of Niall Horan. When Alex get's accepted into a Performing Arts school and Niall into One Direction, their lives turn seperate ways. When One Direction have been asked to mentor at the school, Alex and Niall meet again. What will happen this time?


13. The Supposed To Be Date

Alex's P.O.V

It was officially Saturday. YES! And NO! At six o clock tonight was our date. I had no idea where Niall was, nor the other boys.  Eleanor, Perrie, and I are going on a shopping date. Perrie knocked on my door.

"Alex? Are you ready to shop till you drop?" Perrie asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I said, mostly because she sounded serious during the 'shop till you drop', nervously.

I walked out in some jeans, a plaid t-shirt, and a pair of boots.

"You really are Irish, aren't you?" Eleanor commented, gesturing to the red plaid I had chosen.

"American. But yes, Irish." I said. Eleanor drove to the plaza and I said, "LET'S GO OVER THERE!". I ran over to the shop that sold jeans.

"Alex, you know all of the other shops sell jeans!" Perrie scolded. I nodded. We walked into a random store and I screamed. There, on the rack, was a jacket. But no, not any ordinary jacket, a JEAN jacket. I ran over to it, grabbed it, and headed over to the girls.

"We should have known! The jean master has chosen jeans! I think you're going for a more country look. Boots and dresses! Jeans and Hats! LETS GO GO GO!" Eleanor shouted. I ran over to the dress isle and saw a cute cream color knee length lacey dress in my size. I grabbed it along with another pair of boots, a cute pair of skinny jeans, and, just for a joke, a cowboy hat. The girls and I met in the food court.

"Alex, you know I wasn't serious about the cowboy hat, right?" Eleanor said.

"But I think it's quite cute, don't you think?" I said, trying not to laugh.

"I can read you like a book Alex. It's a joke." Perrie said.

"I feel something... I can't quite-FOOD! I NEED FOOD!" I said loudly.

"Okay, female Niall. You have your wish." Eleanor said.

"I am not a female Niall!" I said.

"Whatever!" Perrie playfully squeeled. We walked out of the store and put the bags in the trunk. Eleanor's car had a low amount of petral, and stopped in front of a dark alley way. I got out, being the only one who knows a defense system. Perrie and Eleanor got out, standing beside me.

"If someone comes, stand back." I whispered. They nodded and before you could say bob's your uncle, three men walked out of the alley way.

"Leave my friends and I alone!" I said to them. They laughed and the middle one said, "That ones mine boys.". I ran up and kicked him in the place where the sun doesn't shine and did the others, too. They got up and then everything went black.

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