Unconditional Love

"I hate you, Niall Horan!" Alex Runner's grade school years were excruciating, but only because of Niall Horan. When Alex get's accepted into a Performing Arts school and Niall into One Direction, their lives turn seperate ways. When One Direction have been asked to mentor at the school, Alex and Niall meet again. What will happen this time?


14. The Men Of Few Orders

Alex's P.O.V

I woke up. I woke up. I woke up. Why did I wake up? How did I fall asleep? I woke up in... a basement? I slowly turned my head and found a scared Perrie laying beside me. I turn my head to the other side to find a red Eleanor.

"Wh- Happ-" My voice cracked and very little came out.

"They beat us." Eleanor said. I examined my own body to find many more marks and scratches than the others. An astonishing pain crept up my back as I tried to move. I struggled to move my hands, finding them handcuffed to something.

"Don't move. It only hurts." Perrie wheezed. I lay my head down as one of them came down.

"GET UP!" He barked. I hesitatingly sat up letting out a small groan.

 "GET READY IN THIRTY MINUTES!" He un-cuffed us and threw outfits at us. The only way to explain them is, "Tight dress and the top galore." I slipped into it but it hurt. I finally got used to it and had it on. I hated it. What did we have to do?

-thirty minutes later-

"Go out there and be... sexy..." He said with a malicious grin on his face. This was going to be bad....

We walked on the stage and people wolf whistled. I just stood there and the bidding started. This was a slave auction. Three men in long trench coats and mysterious hats walked in and bid on us. They looked like... NIALL, ZAYN, AND LOUIS!

They were here! They won us and took us back home. This was a lucky break, but all breaks end...

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