Unconditional Love

"I hate you, Niall Horan!" Alex Runner's grade school years were excruciating, but only because of Niall Horan. When Alex get's accepted into a Performing Arts school and Niall into One Direction, their lives turn seperate ways. When One Direction have been asked to mentor at the school, Alex and Niall meet again. What will happen this time?


4. Stop Trying

Niall's P.O.V.

Me- "I don't know Liam, I just don't know..."

Liam- "You need to fix this mate! I mean, she's broken!"

Me- "I know! I know, I just... I just don't know."

Liam- "That doesn't even make sense mate! Just make it up! Remember, sorry doesn't cut it!"

Me- "Okay."

And with that, I walked to Alex's dorm and knocked.

Alex's P.O.V.

I heard a knock and opened it, running into my bathroom when I saw who it was.

Me- "J-just l-leave m-me alone Horan. Y-you've already done e-enough."

Niall- "I'm not here to hurt you." He said it in a quieter, much softer tone. I peeked out at Niall, who was looking back at me. With my Irish accent(That had taken over when I moved) shaky, I said, "Why?" In a scared, small tone.

Niall- "Alex? Please come out?"

Me- "A-are you g-going to make f-fun of m-me?"

Niall- "I won't. I promise."

I poked my head out to Niall.

Me- "Okay then. Why?"

Niall- "I just want to say, I know sorry doesn't cut it. I know I won't be able to fix this fully, but I want to say I turned your life into a big kerfuffle, and I want to fix that. I want to be your friend."  I stepped out, back against the door, less scared now.

Me- "Okay, but you only have one chance Niall."

Niall- "You know my name?"

Me- "Yes Niall, I do. Now let's go somewhere!"

Niall- "NANDO'S!"

Me- "You always were one for Nando's, weren't you?"

Niall- "Mhm!"

Me- "Well, what're you waiting for? Come on!"

Niall's P.O.V.

I think I could get used to this... But I couldn't stay like this. It had to be a stronger relationship

Me- "Umm, Alex?"

Alex- "Yes Nialler?"

She called me Nialler!

Me- "So, I know this is sudden and all, but all of these years, i've loved you, so do you think you might want to be my girlfriend?"

Alex- "Oh! Nialler! Umm, well, Yes!"

Me- "Really?!"

I was the happiest I could ever be!

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