Unconditional Love

"I hate you, Niall Horan!" Alex Runner's grade school years were excruciating, but only because of Niall Horan. When Alex get's accepted into a Performing Arts school and Niall into One Direction, their lives turn seperate ways. When One Direction have been asked to mentor at the school, Alex and Niall meet again. What will happen this time?


9. Confessions

Harry's P.O.V

I had to tell Alex. I had to make this stop. I have to. I walked up behind her and grabbed her waist. "Alex, I can't lie anymore." I said. "What do you mean?" she said shakily.

Alex's P.O.V

Harry leaned in. I leaned back. What did he mean? "I love you, Alex." Harry said, looking into my eyes. I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment. "Harry, do you understand that I am in a relationship with Niall?" I questioned. "Yes." He let go, slumping over a slight bit. "Then you understand that we were not meant to be. Harry, somewhere out there is a girl who is perfect for you. She will make you cry, laugh, mad, frustrated, but that is how a relationship works. But you know what?"

"What?" He said looking more hopeful. "We can still be best mates! How about that!"

"Come over to my place tonight and we can have manicures girl!" He said in a high tone and a stupid face.

"Bye girl!" I hugged him and walked to my dorm. When I got inside I sat at my desk and tapped my fingers, letting out a long sigh. I didn't know if I could take anymore drama tonight. If it happened, I think I'd of exploded.

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