The husband games

It's a sequel kinda to the hunger games all the traditions are the same. Katniss and peeta are dead along with their children the year is 3074and the new set if games are the husband games. Paul is leader of the capital and now u must fight to the death with 40 people for his 5 people u will be their wife. It is all girls in the game from ages 12 to 18. The boys are harry Louis Liam niall and zayn. The girls are competing for harry hand in marriage. It is against your will names are chosen and if u are the last one standing that is not dead u will have to marry harry styles.


2. The real game starts

I woke up and there was rustling out side. I freaked out scared to death and ran to the back of the cave. As I was walking I saw that there was a secret passage to another small cave. I entered the other room and set my stuff down. My stomach growled I was starving! I opened my bag and saw it was empty! They left my sleeping bag and my knife, but took all the food. I left the cave to get some food and I immediately saw a deer. I killed the deer and skinned it. It made a good breakfast. I also gathered some berries and swam in the water. My district is very poor but we are best in swimming! The tide began to rise very very high. I heard about 10 cannons go off. They drowned I knew it. I swam back to the cave that was dry and went inside my little room. I had a bunch of extra cooked deer left so I ate that with some berries. I relaxed in my sleeping bag and stayed there for a while until I heard someone talking. I calculated how many tributes were left. There were only six. Cannon never mind there are 5. Maybe I will win this, but I'm not gonna kill anyone. Ill just swim out and survive cause I'm the only one who can swim. Everyone else will probably die before me. So if I can swim out I will be safe. This cave was evaluated so I would be ok for a while. I knew the chances of me winning were slim, but there's still a chance I will get to back and see my sister. Even if I have to marry harry styles. I ate a little more and fell asleep.
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