The husband games

It's a sequel kinda to the hunger games all the traditions are the same. Katniss and peeta are dead along with their children the year is 3074and the new set if games are the husband games. Paul is leader of the capital and now u must fight to the death with 40 people for his 5 people u will be their wife. It is all girls in the game from ages 12 to 18. The boys are harry Louis Liam niall and zayn. The girls are competing for harry hand in marriage. It is against your will names are chosen and if u are the last one standing that is not dead u will have to marry harry styles.


9. baby

A/n I've been grounded from my iPad for months and I pathetically just figured put how to update from my phone IK IK *facepalm* well so here's the story hope u enjoy it Life has been hell. All these cameras on me 24/7 and harry didn't seem to mind one bit. Oh yeah BTW I'm 9 months pregnant with me and harrys baby girl darcy styles. She's due in a week harry seems like he's happy hes gonna be a dad but I just don't know. I woke up before him as usual and walked into the bathroom slowly getting dressed careful not to wake harry. It's his birthday so Im gonna suprize him. It was all set up at Louis' place. I jumped into the bath and placed my hand on my stomach and felt darcy kick. I smiled washed up and got out of the tub. I smelled like roses and I slowly went over to me and harrys bed and kissed him whispering "good morning my sunshine!" He had really grown on me. I loved him so much. His eyes slowly opened and he pulled me in for a kiss. "Happy birthday baby!" I said and kissed his cheek. "I love you so much sweetie!" He said and kissed my stomach. He then got up and got dressed. I was already dressed and ready to go. We walked over to lous and they all popped out and shouted surprise!! He began crying with excitement. I hugged him and he kissed my cheek thanking everyone. He drank all night and was super drunk. He was so drunk he took Louis' cat and yelled "bow to my tiger!" I laughed and took him home. He feel asleep and I laid next to feeling my stomach and talking to darcy.
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