The husband games

It's a sequel kinda to the hunger games all the traditions are the same. Katniss and peeta are dead along with their children the year is 3074and the new set if games are the husband games. Paul is leader of the capital and now u must fight to the death with 40 people for his 5 people u will be their wife. It is all girls in the game from ages 12 to 18. The boys are harry Louis Liam niall and zayn. The girls are competing for harry hand in marriage. It is against your will names are chosen and if u are the last one standing that is not dead u will have to marry harry styles.


8. Authors note (it's not a repeat)

This isn't a repeat of the last one. I have come ou of my shell mended my heart with a cast this says THEY WERE WRONG! I got the inspiration from this video on your called to this day it's a poem that's read aloud with pictures and its very inspirational. Because of this I have realized my friends are wrong. Everyone who bullied me is wrong I'm me and I'm not changing for anyone. Call me anything but u are wrong they were all wrong! I'm not obsessed with harry styles I just like him as a singer and a person. I'm not obsessed with one direction I'm a fan it's what we do. THEY WERE WORNG!!! They don't know me as a person!!!!
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