The husband games

It's a sequel kinda to the hunger games all the traditions are the same. Katniss and peeta are dead along with their children the year is 3074and the new set if games are the husband games. Paul is leader of the capital and now u must fight to the death with 40 people for his 5 people u will be their wife. It is all girls in the game from ages 12 to 18. The boys are harry Louis Liam niall and zayn. The girls are competing for harry hand in marriage. It is against your will names are chosen and if u are the last one standing that is not dead u will have to marry harry styles.


1. Nothing like the hunger games

He stood tall as can be. We were all shaking in district 4 the poorest district. They pick 2 names for every one of the 20 districts. We have all read the original hunger games and know how it works. "Katniss and peeta were horrible people fighting against the capital how stupid! We will pick 2 girls to go for the position of Harry's wife!" He stuck his hand I the large cubic bowl and pulls out a name.i am the oldest at age 18 and my sister at age12. She was holding my hand tightly. He called out the first name " MaryKate shary" my mouth dropped. This was horrible i knew I would lose and die. I started breathing harder as I walked up. My sister was in tears. I looked at harry. He winked at me. Horrible I wanna choose who I love not have it choose for me. I guess it would be better if I died. I thought. He called a second name " Abigail shaw!" He said and Niall walked me back to the train to go to the arena. There was no beginning to make people like u. There was no stylists. U had the clothes they gave u. I felt in my pocket and found a little pin. It was a picture of my sister. Niall handed me my out fit and walked out of the room. I changed and put the pin on my shirt below the jacket. I made sure no one would tell it was there. I put on my backpack I was given. It had one bottle of water and crackers. Mine had a pack of matches. They put me in this long tube and they rose the platform. I arrived at the top. The clock began to count down from 30. I knew my strategy to run and find shelter. On my way I would grab the large bag it was hidden behind some bushes. The bell rang and everyone took off running I ran and grabbed the large bag. There was a knife next to it . I grabbed them both and ran for what felt like 2 miles. I found a nice cave that had a hidden area no one could see. I walked in and set my stuff down. There was no one in here. I heard 24 cannons go off. That meant 24 people had died. I made myself a tiny fire and fell asleep in the sleeping bag that was in the huge bag. The bag was filled with clean water that I would save, and food anything from apples to chicken it also had a pot and a pan. I fell asleep.
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