Sign Language Secrets (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Jamie Parker was rich, had all of the boys (hearing boys that is), cars, and coolest electronics. She got everything she wanted. Except one thing. To hear. Jamie was pronounced deaf at the age of 5 after an accident. She can read lips excellently and of course knows sign language. Jamie can pronounce few words but not many. Her high school (California School for the deaf- CSD) decides to try a new program that all schools for deaf has been trying. Bringing hearing kids into the CSD. How will Jamie react?


3. Not-So-Empty


“ZAYN!” I signed, “Sorry! I tried to find you after class and couldn’t find you so I went downstairs.” Zayn raised his arms defeated.  “Gosh Zayn! I told you to wait for me!” I signed.  “I. A-M. S-O-R-R-Y” Zayn spelled out, “That doesn’t matter!  It’s my duty to watch you.”   “Sorry.” Zayn shrugged his shoulders.  Then I just dipped in and kissed him!  He didn’t kiss back.  Why didn’t he kiss back? Am I a bad kisser?  I pulled away immediately.  “Someone’s antsy?” he raised an eyebrow.  I shook my head and left.  “Shouldn’t you be watching me?” Zayn mouthed, “Yes.” I sighed.  “Wanna do something fun?” I ask, Zayn merely shrugged his shoulders.  “There’s this place.  I go there all the time.  It’s behind the woods in my school.  It’s an old cabin.  It’s always empty.  There’s a carving that says ‘Mauve Black 1818’ in the wood.  Wanna go?  With a few friends?” I stopped short each sign considering he was still learning.  “S-U-R-E” Zayn smiled, “Follow.” I attempt to say that word.  It was study hall: third class.  “Zayn. This is.          E-l-i-o-n-a. L-i-n-d-s-e-y. And M-i-c--h-a-e-l.” I sign  “Let’s go to the cabin!” Eliona writes on a erase-board (she’s still learning a mistake in surgery made her deaf) “You aren’t going to the cabin without us!” Aiyana signed standing next to Adriana and Shannon.  “You’re only friends with girls?” Zayn asked, “No. You have Michael! He’s gay though.” I smiled.  “Come on!” Lindsey urged, “OKAY!” we all signed at the same time.  We walked through the branches, tree stumps, and the bushes till we reached the not-so-empty cabin...


A/N: Sorry it's short! Had a lot of trouble writing this! XOXO!

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