Sign Language Secrets (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Jamie Parker was rich, had all of the boys (hearing boys that is), cars, and coolest electronics. She got everything she wanted. Except one thing. To hear. Jamie was pronounced deaf at the age of 5 after an accident. She can read lips excellently and of course knows sign language. Jamie can pronounce few words but not many. Her high school (California School for the deaf- CSD) decides to try a new program that all schools for deaf has been trying. Bringing hearing kids into the CSD. How will Jamie react?


1. New Program


I woke up this morning in hopes of hearing birds chirp again, but there was no noise.  I got out of my bed, and put on my school uniform and ran downstairs.  “Hey mom.” I signed, taking a bite of toast and walking out the door.  “So what’s up Jamie?” Shannon signed to me.  “Nothing you?” I signed back.  “Hey, Aiyana’s here!  Let’s walk with her to school.” Adriana signed,  Shannon, Adriana, and I walked to Aiyana’s and knocked on the door.  “Wanna walk to CSD with us?” Shannon signed, “Sure!” Aiyana signed back.  We walked to CSD and went to our home base with Mrs. Jacobie.  “Hello class.  Everyone on the school board wants to spread the neck.” Mrs.J announced, I raised my hand, “Necks?  Do you mean news?” I asked.  “Yes.  Bad sign.  Well we’ll be starting a new program.  Hearing kids will be starting to attend California School for Deaf.” Mrs.J then proceeded to do attendance.   Just then a boy with black hair, in a varsity jacket, strolled in.

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