Sign Language Secrets (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Jamie Parker was rich, had all of the boys (hearing boys that is), cars, and coolest electronics. She got everything she wanted. Except one thing. To hear. Jamie was pronounced deaf at the age of 5 after an accident. She can read lips excellently and of course knows sign language. Jamie can pronounce few words but not many. Her high school (California School for the deaf- CSD) decides to try a new program that all schools for deaf has been trying. Bringing hearing kids into the CSD. How will Jamie react?


2. Missing Boy


“Hello Zayn.” Mrs. Jacobie welcomed him.  “Guys, this is Zayn.  He is an average kid just like you.” Mrs.J signed to the class.  “Jamie, since you’re one of the only ones who can read lips and pronounce some words, you’ll be showing Zayn around CSD.” Mrs.J signed to me.  “Okay.” I said,  remembering when I could hear, my kindergarten and Mom and Dad’s voice.  “Zayn sit with Jamie Parker for the remainder of the period.”  Mrs.J directed Zayn to the open desk next to me.  “Hey.” Zayn mouthed, “Hi.” I said, “So you can hear also?” Zayn asked confused.  “No, I read lips and know a few words.  I was deaf when I was 5.” I signed while writing my words as I signed them.  “Oh.” I read Zayn’s lips.  The light in the room blinked red, letting us know the class ended.  “ASL.” I signed to him.  “Huh?” Zayn asked, I pulled Zayn’s arm to class, “Oh... Sign language class.” Zayn realized.  I left him and went to my speech class.  When the period ended I went to ASL class but Zayn wasn’t there.  I wrote to him to wait for me, why didn’t he? He’s gonna be in big trouble.  Even if I have to sign curses to him, he will have no idea what’s coming for him...



A/N: Sorry it's short! I hope you like my cliffhangers. XOXO!

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