A Night To Remember <3

Wouldn't you remember the night when your boyfriend of 1 and a half year spent Valentines day taking you on a marvellous adventure?


1. A Day to Never Forget

Elizabeth's POV

Today, is the most romantic day of the year... Valentines Day. Now so far I haven't heard anything from my boyfriend of 1 and half year, and it is almost 10 in the morning! Okay I'm exaggerating a bit but still. Anyways I was knocked out of my thinking to my doorbell ringing. I stood up from my couch which I was currently laying upon, and lazily walked to the front door.

When I opened the door nobody was there. but before I closed the door I noticed an iPad laying on my front door mat. I carefully picked it up and brought it inside the house. I walked over to my couch and sat down. While I was sitting I turned the iPad on and slid the unlock bar across to access the iPad itself. As soon as I opened it, it came upon a video which I clicked on anyways.

Awww, its a video from Harry!  Hey Lizzy baby! So I am thinking you have this iPad with you if not then I am sorry for anyone else who has this. But here is what I want you to do, go upstairs and put a nice classy dress you have, or even better that red one I got you for Christmas. After that I want you to drive to the flower shop and tell the guy A Night To Remember. Soon you will figure out the rest, but I got to go now so bye babe, see you later! I Love You.


After I watched the video I carefully placed the iPad on the coffee table then sprinted to my room. I took a quick shower, curl my hair, put makeup on, put my dress on, put accessories on, put my shoes on and grabbed my clutch to match. I walked down stairs to receive my keys from the holder and walked out the door, but I locked it first.

I hopped in my car and drove to the flower shop. When I pulled up to the shop I parked and walked inside. I went to the counter where a middle age man was, when I reached the counter I told the man A Night To Remember. After I said that he handed me a single red rose and a small note attach to it.

Hey Lizzy, now since you have red rose that can not compare to your beauty, I want you to leave here and drive to the pet store. Remember to say A Night To Remember. I Love You.


I speed walked out of the store to my car to drive to the pet store. When I arrived at the pet store I walked in and headed straight to the counter. This time it was a younger man at the counter, I told the gentleman A Night To Remember, and he handed me a small white kitten with a pink bow around his neck that also hold a note

I grabbed the kitten carefully and read the note, Isn't this kitten adorable, it reminds me of you, his name is cuddles. Now I want you to go to candy shop. I Love You.

I headed out to my car and drove to the candy shop. I walked to the counter again and was greeted by a middle aged women. I said A Night To Remember to her and she handed me a heart shape box with chocolate covered strawberries... my favourite. There also was a card on top of the box, it read Enjoy your favourite treat after you visit the fountain in the park. I Love You.

Once again I went to my car and headed my way to the park that had the fountain. As I arrived the sky started to get darker, I hadn't notice how fast the time went, oh well. I got out of my car and started walking my way down the path towards the fountain. The path was lit up with vanilla scented candles-my favourite- all around the ides that led to a gazebo in front of the fountain surprise would be an understatement to all the emotions running through my body. But what catch my attention the most was Harry. My Harry standing behind a table wearing his signature look. Which by the way makes him look 1000 times more hotter and sexier than he already is.

He made his way towards me and pulled me into him, crushing me to his toned chest. Happy Valentines Day he whispered in my ear. Then he walked me to the table where he pulled out my chair for me... such a gentleman. When we sat down Harry removed the silver lids that covered up our meal, which by the way looked delicious.

After we finished eating, he stood up and walked towards me and pulled me up from my chair and into his arms instead. He walked us to stand in the pathway of candles, and stared to dance with me. You look beautiful by the way Lizzy, you always do, and I love you so so so much words cant describe my feelings I have for you.

Before he continue what he was saying he was cut off by the booming of fireworks in the sky. I was watching them with such amazement that I saw one that stood out from the rest. It said Elizabeth Mae Smith, Will You Marry Me?

I was going to question Harry about it when I became speechless. Harry was on one knee in front of me holding a velvet black box in his hand. Elizabeth Mae Smith I love you with all the being in my body and I want to spend forever and ever with you. I want you to have my kids, to watch our kids grow, to be old with you, to watch our grandkids, I want to stay with you, by your side to eternity, and I want to marry you, so Elizabeth Mae Smith, will you marry me?

I cant comprehend what was happening right now but the one thing I have in my mind is that I want all of that with Harry as well. I'm literally speechless right now so I nodded, I was crying my heart out and I jumped onto Harry giving him a kiss that held so much emotion in it. He responded quickly but ended it short.

So is that a yes he asked me?

Definitely! 1000000 percent yes I told him as he slid the spectacular ring on my finger.

1000000 percent yes I whispered one more time before I reconnected our lips together.


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