Liar, Liar, What's Your Title?

How is someone supposed to believe anyone in a school where everyone lies?


2. "Pretty Boy"

I thought long and hard about what Meredith had said, and I decided not to believe anything she said, which could either be one of the best things I ever did, or one of the worst. I walked outside of my room and out of the dorms, I noticed Harry and Niall walking my direction, but I had no idea what to do. Should I just walk right up and introduce myself, or should I just act like I don't see them? Oh, I know I'll just run into the door and they'll help me? No that's stupid, think Nicole think! Okay I got it i- I was interrupted to a irish accent speaking to me. "Are you okay? You seem, I don't know, confused, or you're thinking really hard?" Niall said. I looked at him and he had beautiful crystal blue eyes, I got lost in them and completely forgot he had talked to me. "Girl? Hello, what's your name?" The other boy asked me, Harry was his name I believe. I finally looked away from Niall's eyes and looked at Harry. "Oh uh, uhm, I'm Nicole, and yeah sorry, I was just thinking about uhm, cookies, yeah cookies." Really Nicole, did you really just say that? I hit myself on my forehead. They probably thought I was the biggest freak that was in love with cookies, great first impression. "Uh, I gotta go, bye." I walked away quickly and didn't even bother turning back to look at them. I noticed a little park was a few feet in front of me, so I decided to go get a little fresh air. I noticed a park bench but there was a boy sitting at it, I couldn't decide if I should sit down next to him, or just go somewhere else. Oh just go sit down, you don't know him.I walked to the bench and sat down next to the boy. "Is it all right if I sit here? I mean if someone's sitting here I'll move." I said looking at the boy. "Oh uh, no you can sit there I don't mind." I smiled and sat on the edge of the bench so I wouldn't make things awkward, even though we were two complete strangers sitting on the same bench. "Well, I better get going." The boy said after 10 minutes of sitting in complete silence. "Wait, I never got your name? I'm Nicole." I said grabbing the end of his jacket, then took my hand off. "Oh, I'm Zayn." He said giving me an odd look, then he walked away. When I heard what his name was it made me think of what Meredith told me. I'm sure she's just one of those bitchy girls, who likes all of them and wants me to stay away from them, I bet that's what she's trying to do, yeah i'm going to go with that.


After about an hour I decided to leave the park. It was almost time for an announcement, I guess you could call it, but really it was just for all of us to meet each other. I decided to go ahead and head over to the main building where we would be having the 'announcement.' I noticed almost everyone was walking with two or more people, and then there was me, the new girl, who knew absolutely nobody. I saw Niall and another boy walking towards the main building. Please, please don't let him see me. I continued walking and hoped for the best that he never see's me. "Hey! it's Cookie Girl!" And the torture begins now. I looked up and saw everyone turned around looking at me. "What?! You act like you've never seen a girl before! Turn all of your asses around and continue on with yourself! I like cookies, so what?! None of you like cookies?! Well that's too bad! Now walk!" I yelled walking furiously past everyone. I walked to Niall and stopped in front of him. "I just met you, and you're already trying to make my life horrible here? Well thank you, 'Pretty Boy'" I continued to walk and I slammed the door open to the main building. I wasn't paying attention to wear I was walking and I ran into someone. "Oh, I am so sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I said to the boy in front of me. He turned around and looked at me. "Oh no problem, it's fine. I was standing in the way anyway, here you can go through." He said opening up a walk way for me. I thanked him and continued to walk to a chair and I sat down in it and looked around at all of the people. I was so excited to come here, but now I wasn't sure. "Hello everyone! I am the head mistress, Mrs. Hanson! I put this together to let everyone meet each other, most of you know each other all ready, but we do get a couple of new kids each year. So with that being said, everyone start getting to know one another!" greeeeeatt I looked around and saw Niall, Zayn, Harry, the boy I bumped into and one more boy, they must be the 5 boys Meredith was talking about. I saw the 5 boys staring at me, and I became really nervous. I tried not to look in their direction, I put my head in the palm of my hands and stared down at the table. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, it startled me a bit, but then I looked up and saw the 5 boys standing before me. "Oh, it's you." I said rolling my eyes looking at Niall. "Look, I don't know what caused you to go off on me like that, sorry that I called you cookie girl, it was just a joke." I listened to what he had to say and realised I probably made a big fool of myself back there. "Yeah, don't worry about it, I don't know what came over me, i'm really not that bitchy of a person. Sorry for like blowing up on you like that. It was really uncalled for an-" I was interrupted by Meredith who came out of no where. "Hey guys!" She said smiling until she looked at me. "Oh.. Nicole, it's nice to see you again." She said sarcastically. I just met the girl and she already didn't like me? Nothing here makes any sense. "Oh hey Meredith, I see you and Nicole have met." Niall said turning to look at her. "Yeah, we've met, we're roomates.. well I'm going to go over here, you 6 have fun... not too much fun though." She said smirking a little before looking at me. I watched her walk away before turning back to look at the 5 boys. "Whatever she's told you, don't bother listening to her. She's the biggest bitch of this school, hell I don't know why Liam even dated her." Niall said punching Liam's back. "Hey, she's hot, I should've gotten to know her better though.." Liam said rubbing his neck. "Anyways, Nicole, since your new here, you wanna come to a party with us? It'll be fun, and you'll get to know people better." Niall said smiling a cheeky smile. I still thought about what Meredith had said, but also what Niall and Liam had said. I didn't know who to believe, but fuck it. I came to this school to have fun, and that's exactly what I was going to do.

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