Letters To Dougie

Dougie Hardesty's family business was enrolling in the military. His father did it, his father before that did it, and so did his father. So it wasn't a surprise when he did. But what Dougie didn't know, was that his trainer, Kelly Rose, was one of the best. She was one of the only trainers who went one on one with each of her men. She was tougher than half the men that came through the MEU Ground Combat Element. She never let any man phase her. She never let any one man get into her head. Untilthe tragedy..until Dougie..


14. ~What About Now?~

~What About Now?~

Kelly stayed in the military for 20 years after that,  in which she had to retire. The Hardesty's Helping Hands Foundation is still going strong and has helped thousands of families. 

Kelly lives in the same house, all by herself. After Dougie died she found no reason to go on any date. She is old now, her face is wrinkled and her hair is grey. She is now reffered to by the younger kids in her neighborhood as the Graveyard Letter Lady, since she still visits Dougie's grave every day and still writes him letters that hve always endedin the same exact way:

I will always love you.

With the Greatest of Love,

Kelly Rose


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