Letters To Dougie

Dougie Hardesty's family business was enrolling in the military. His father did it, his father before that did it, and so did his father. So it wasn't a surprise when he did. But what Dougie didn't know, was that his trainer, Kelly Rose, was one of the best. She was one of the only trainers who went one on one with each of her men. She was tougher than half the men that came through the MEU Ground Combat Element. She never let any man phase her. She never let any one man get into her head. Untilthe tragedy..until Dougie..


4. Training


~1 Month Later~

The sweat beads on her forehead trickled slowly down until they dripped onto the floor. Her hair was halfway soaked with sweat. As for me, I was drenched. I felt like I just dove into a sticky pool of smelly, gross, sweat.  She trained hard, and she trained long. She wasn't rude, she was just really, really tough. She makes half the defensive line on my hometown football team look like a bunch of pussies. 

"Andrews, you're plenty strong. I can see that. You just to be quick." She took both her hand and held my clenched fist up between our faces.  "I want you to try to punch me."

"In your face?"

She let go of my hand and took a step back and smiled that sexy crooked smile that I loved so much. "If that's what you want."

I grinned and although I felt a little guilty that I was going to kick this little ladies ass, I took my fist and went right for her gut. But before I could even think, she had grabbed my arm and twisted behind my back in the most  painful way. She pressed her body up close to my hot, sweaty body and whispered in my ear.

"You're going to have to be a little less predictable, Andrews."

And with that she shoved me forward and I turned around to face her. She motioned for me to come at her again. This time I analyzed all the places I could get at her. Her head was too obvious. She would duck out of the way easy. I already know how it work if I went for the gut. Then it hit me. Her feet, I jumped down onto the ground and kicked her legs out from under her. As she came crashing to the ground, I grabbed her by the waist and shoved her up against the wall.  I looked into her deep blue eyes. For the first time ever, I saw a hair out of place from her perfect tight bun. I slowly moved it out of the way of her face, and continued to stare into her eyes. I leaned in ever so slowly to kiss her on the mouth, when I felt her body move from my grasp. I then felt an anger surge through me as I banged my fist against the cold brick wall.


"THAT was unacceptable"  Her hand was on her waist as she pointed her finger at me to scold me like a school kid."

"C'mon Kelly you can't tell me that you didn't want to kiss me back."

"I DIDN'T want to kiss you back. "

"You're just telling yourself that because you know that you being with someone a lower rank than you would look back for you're reputation or that being with someone who isn't as talented as you will drag you down."

I walked over to her and grabbed her face in my hands and held it up to face me.

"Kelly, even you can't deny  that we have something special."

She backed away from me and pointed to the door.

"You need to leave, Douglas. I don't want to see you here until you come back form combat. Which I think you yare ready for. Physically at least." 

"COMBAT! You can't send me to combat yet! I have been training for ONE MONTH. Half the guys out there have been training for at least six! I'll die if I go out there!"

"It's not full on combat Douglas. There is this cartel terrorizing a village in Pakistan and YOU are going to help."

"Kelly I told you I-"

"Andrews. GET. THE. HELL. OUT!"

"Bullshit. This is fucking bullshit." I muttered as I stormed out of the facility, slamming the door on my way out.

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