Letters To Dougie

Dougie Hardesty's family business was enrolling in the military. His father did it, his father before that did it, and so did his father. So it wasn't a surprise when he did. But what Dougie didn't know, was that his trainer, Kelly Rose, was one of the best. She was one of the only trainers who went one on one with each of her men. She was tougher than half the men that came through the MEU Ground Combat Element. She never let any man phase her. She never let any one man get into her head. Untilthe tragedy..until Dougie..


2. Kelly Rose


I sat in the muggy office, holding a pen with some advertisement for an insurance company from the 90's on it.  Uncle Sam posters and Marine Corps. posters surrounded me. I impatiently sat waited for the enlistment officer to walk into the room, shake my hand and hand me all the paperwork I would have to fill out. He would then sit behind the big desk exchange war stories with my father. After I finished the paperwork, I would stand up and hand it to him as he stood up and took it from me. He would then shake my hand and pat me on the back and say some cheesy line like "Welcome to the Marines." or "Congratulations son. You are now a United States Marine". I would just smile back and say "thank you sir"  as my dad smiled proudly onto the scene in front of him. We would then leave and go out so eat at Cracker Barrel or some shit.

Yeah. I pretty much had this entire experience planned out. When you dream of one moment for your entire life, it gets pretty specific.

I heard the door open. "Good Afternoon, gentlemen."  A women in a blue marine dress uniform walked into the room carrying a yellow folder. Her blonde hair was tightly french braided back into a bun and there wasn't a hair out of place on her head. Her huge blue eyes were so bright and striking they looked like they could be seen from miles away. He calves were very muscular and were the only part of her legs I could see being that a long navy blue skirt covered up her thighs. Every perfect curve on her body was displayed  even through the blue marines uniform. She was gorgeous.  

"Evenin' ma'am." My father stood up immediately to shake her hand. She smiled politely at him and shook his hand. 

"You must be John?" 

"Yes ma'am." My dad was the most polite guy I know.

She smiled politely and turned to face me. "So that would make you Douglas?"

"Yes ma'am."

She held out her hand."I'm Commander Kelly Rose. I will be assisting you in enlisting today, and I will also be training you in the future when you begin training." 

I grabbed her hand and she shook. She had a great grip. Even greater than mine.

"Nice handshake ma'am." 

She laughed. "Your's will be just as great once I'm finished with you. Please, have a seat."

Both me and my father sat back down into our seats. 

Kelly sat down behind the big desk and began to read from the folder. "So Douglas, it says that you maintained a 3.2 grade average and that you were quarterback of your football team. And I also noticed that every year you were starting quarterback, your team won state. That is quite impressive. You must be a great leader."

"Yes ma'am I guess you could say that."

"Don't guess. Know."

"Yes ma'am. I was a great leader."

"But it also says that you have a history of drinking. Is that true also?" 

I glanced down to the floor. I wasn't expecting her to know that. I couldn't make eye contact with her about this. "Yes ma'am. But I have been working on it and I am improving greatly-"

"Douglas, I don't know why I am reading your records. Frankly, I don't give a damn about your past."  She closed the folder and crossed her legs and looked me straight in the eyes. Her eyes were hypnotizing. "I am a firm believer that heroes are not born. Heroes are made. I don't give a damn what you have done, I don't give a damn if you killed someone. All I care about is the man you are now. Are you done drinking?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Are ready to grow up and become a man so that the next time I look at this form I won't be ashamed to say you are apart of this great American generation?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Are you willing to LEAD your men into combat, and not let a single life be lost?"

"Yes ma'am. Anything you want I will do it."

She grinned a sexy crooked smile. "Welcome to the United States Marines."





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