Danger & Passion

Serenity White is an All American Girl then unexpectedly her Mom gets a job in Wokingham, England. When she starts her first day at Brownsman College she meets a girl named Ava Jax who introduces her to to popular crowd and with that she meets Ava's brother Asher. Learning about Asher's dark past Serenity tries to steer clear of him but what happens when Seduction, Passion and Danger get in the way. Will this be love? Or will someone get hurt?


3. My First Boy/Girl Sleepover

I have been in England for officially a month now and I'm really close to the Jax family I practically live over there. And tonight we are having a sleepover at their house because Asher and Ava's parents are going on Holiday. I got over to there house at about 10 at night and we just watched movies then Hayley suggested Truth or Dare. We all sat in a circle and began, 

"Hayley you start," Ava said. 

"Serenity, Truth or Dare?" 

I thought for a minute then looked at her,


"I dare you to kiss Asher." 

Oh no, did she know I like him? 

"Ok." Asher spoke. 

He got up and rested his hand on my cheek his lips brushed mine then hit with impact. I pulled away and he winked at me. 

"Okay Serenity you go." Asher said. 

"Dimitri,Truth or Dare?" 

"Aw bloody hell. Truth." 

"Who do you like?" 


I looked at Ava and she blushed so did Dimitri I sat there and laughed so did Asher. "Um I think Dimitri and Ava should go and talk." I said. They looked at eachother then left into the room. We all sat there in silence then they came out holding hands. Ava mouthed thank you to me and I just nodded. We stopped playing then went to sleep. When I woke up Asher was the only other one up. He was in the kitchen so I went in there and sat on the counter infront of him. He smiled and hugged. "What was that ash?" I smiled. "A good morning hug." "Hey ash?" "Mhmm?" "You and hayley are together right?" "No, she likes me but I'm into brunettes." He winked. I blushed and helped him make breakfast. We talked and laughed then I went to put a dish in the sink and he grabbed my arm spinning me around. He smiled and rested his hands on my hips then kissed me, I kissed back and then I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. Our tongues danced as he lifted me up on to the counter then someone coughed. It was Ava and she nodded for me to go and follow her. So I did...

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