The Movellians that are still pure (no obsessive One Direction fangirling, no inappropriate stories) gathered for a meeting, to figure out what the Kings' loyal subjects plans were. They decided they would have a few of their people who knew some of the facts about the Kings to go inside and find out what they are planning, but that's not as easy as it sounds.

I will say, I have nothing against the Directioners, I just think some of the movellas they have written aren't anything that young readers should set eyes upon. Just to clear that up.


5. 4

     We had been walking for what seemed like hours from the home we had made in the forest before we finally saw it: the kingdom. It's cobblestone walls towered high above our heads, a wooden drawbridge set in the center with a moat in front. It looked just like many castles would, as if the idea was stolen from a story written long ago. At the top of the walls there were blocks of stone set up every few feet, like a sand castle a child on a beach would make.

     In my head I pictured how it used to look, before we were taken over. I mentally compared the plain walls with the colorful ones we used to have, bright blue, royal purple, brilliant colors put together in such a way that the possibilities of what the pictures on the walls could be were endless. We used to have an open entrance, no moat or wooden drawbridge, just a path leading into an opening in the wall.

     "They've changed a lot, haven't they?" Mrs. T commented quietly, sadly. 

     "I wish it was back to the way it was before," Kierstinnn replied, looking at the sight before us with a dejected tone. 

     "Hopefully after this mission we will be able to make them that way," I grab Kiertinnn's hand with my right, and Mrs. T's with my left, "Are you guys ready?"

     "Ready as I can be," Kierstinn answered, looking at her feet.

     "I hope so," Mrs T answered, doing the same as Kierstinnn.

     "We can do this guys," I tighten my grip and smile at them on at a time, trying to bring some positivity to them," I believe in us."

     "Thanks, Prim," Kierstinnn looks up, a look of hope in her eyes, "Prim?"


     "I'm glad you're with us," She smiles at me.

     "I'm glad you guys are with me. Now let's go! We need to get in there!"

     "Let's go," Mrs. T smiled. We got to the gates and were approached by two guards.

     "Before you are allowed to get into the kingdom, we must ask you a question," The first one grumbled. Great. Already a test of our knowledge of the Kings, "When is King Liam's birthday?"

     Kierstinnn stepped up for us, jumping up and down she answered him, "Today, of course!"

     "Correct. You may enter," The second's voice was deep.

     "Yay!" We jumped in fake excitement and raced to the edge of the moat as the drawbridge creaked downward.

     "That was easy," I whispered in my friends' ears.

     "I know. It seemed almost too easy," Kierstinnn replied quietly as the drawbridge finally made it down to the bottom. We stepped across quickly and were inside the kingdom that had taken over what was once ours.

     Young girls were hurrying around, papers in their hands while older ones brought a tall cake down a street.

     "Should we follow them?" Mrs. T asked in my ear.

     "I guess. Since it's Liam's birthday they're probably having a party in the center of the kingdom."

     "That's right, they are," A voice from behind us announced. We froze, "Which is where you three should be if you lived here,"

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