The Movellians that are still pure (no obsessive One Direction fangirling, no inappropriate stories) gathered for a meeting, to figure out what the Kings' loyal subjects plans were. They decided they would have a few of their people who knew some of the facts about the Kings to go inside and find out what they are planning, but that's not as easy as it sounds.

I will say, I have nothing against the Directioners, I just think some of the movellas they have written aren't anything that young readers should set eyes upon. Just to clear that up.


3. 2

     My eyes fluttered open at the sunlight of dawn. I looked around and saw only the rough bark of the trees surrounding me.

I sat up and stretched my arms behind my back.

     "Primmy! Come on, you've got to get ready! You know that today is the day you three go into the kingdom!" A familiar voice said behind me. I turn my head and see Rawrz, her hair in a braid down her back. Her fingers were clasped tightly around an object in her right hand.

     "I'm coming," I yawned.

     "Well, I just came to make sure that you were getting up. And to give you this as a token of thanks," Her fingers peeled away, revealing a locket on a silver chain. The letters m, u, p were engraved on the front of the locket.

     "M, u, p?" 

     'Movellian, undercover, and pure. Since you are a Movellian who's still pure and who will soon be going undercover," She smiled weakly and put the locket in my hand. "Open it."

     My two thumbs gently opened the locket to reveal two pictures, two that looked like they were taken long ago. One was of Rawrz, Lia, Billie, and myself. I felt the corners of my mouth turn slightly up as I remembered the day we took the picture. The second picture was of all the Pure Movellians, they were all happy and looking at the camera with the biggest grins I'd ever seen.

     "I thought you would like some pictures of us all, as you go in. So you always know we're always with you," Rawrz smiled at me. 

     "I-I don't know what to say. Thanks!" I gave Rawrz a big hug and repeated thank yous. Soon, I was getting ready with Rawrz by my side.

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