The Movellians that are still pure (no obsessive One Direction fangirling, no inappropriate stories) gathered for a meeting, to figure out what the Kings' loyal subjects plans were. They decided they would have a few of their people who knew some of the facts about the Kings to go inside and find out what they are planning, but that's not as easy as it sounds.

I will say, I have nothing against the Directioners, I just think some of the movellas they have written aren't anything that young readers should set eyes upon. Just to clear that up.


2. 1

    I froze, it had been finalized: I was a fake directioner, and I would be out in the kingdom, pretending that I actually cared what was going on in the lives of the Kings. I was going to have to go and do all the things that the real directioners did. I was going to fangirl with them, and they would expect me to write those disturbing, inappropriate stories that they always wrote. I would be the type of girl that I had never wanted to be: an inappropriate directioner. I never had anything against them, I just didn't like the things they wrote and published.

     "Are you okay, Prim?" bobsicle interrupted the thoughts running through my head. "You look like you're going to be sick."  She finished with a look of concern. I opened my mouth to answer, my lips forming the words I wished to say, but no sound came out. 

     "Oh, Prim!" Rawrz exclaimed rushing toward us. "You're okay with this right? Because if you're not you could alwa-"

     "No, it's okay. I have to do for all of us, right?" Somehow I had managed to answer. "And bobsicle, I'll be fine. Don't worry." I smiled reassuringly at them both. Rawrz nodded her head, turned on her heel, and went to talk to Midnight. The remaining girl, bobsicle, just watched me. "I better go get some sleep. I have to be at my best tomorrow." I said and turned to make my way to the area that I would sleep that night. 

     "Primrose! I need you for a minute!" Midnight Rogue called. I turned around and trudged over to Midnight, Kierstinnn, and Mrs. T. When I got there, she continued. "Okay, now that I've got the three of you in one place, I would like to know if any of you don't think you will be able to do it." The three of us shook our heads, confirming that we could do it. "Great! Now, as you should know, we will start tomorrow and you three shall go into the kingdom. You will all work together to see what the Kings have planned for us. Not that they can take much away with the things we have left.." Her hand went up and pointed to the land outside the kingdom. There were trees everywhere, their leaves drifting down with the wind. "Now you three go get some rest, you've got a long day ahead of you." And with that, we turned and went to our sleeping area. I lay down on the ground in between two trees and watched the golden leaves fall and land softly around me as I fell asleep.

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