The Movellians that are still pure (no obsessive One Direction fangirling, no inappropriate stories) gathered for a meeting, to figure out what the Kings' loyal subjects plans were. They decided they would have a few of their people who knew some of the facts about the Kings to go inside and find out what they are planning, but that's not as easy as it sounds.

I will say, I have nothing against the Directioners, I just think some of the movellas they have written aren't anything that young readers should set eyes upon. Just to clear that up.


1. Prolouge

     "What if we disguised some of our own as directioners to see what's going on?" Rawrz suggested. The meeting of the Pure Movellians had been going on for three hours, and still no progress. We had to find out what to do about our lack of food, shelter, and water. "Who knows? Maybe we could sneak into a house, even if we are crowded. It's better than staying out here."

     "You know, that's not such a bad idea, as long as they know enough about them to get into their 'Royal Meetings'. You know they quiz you to get in." I added, absentmindedly writing a poem on a blank sheet of paper. Murmurs of agreement were heard as people realized that this plan could actually work.

     "But who knows enough about them to get in?" I heard someone mumble.

     "I do!" Mrs. T answered. 

     "Maybe I could." Kierstinnn said.

     "We're going to need more than two people. You know, get more space. I heard they get two houses per person.And we would get more information, in case something happens." I pushed myself down the tree behind my back as I heard this, trying to remain unnoticeable.

     "Prim might be cut out for the job!" My name repeated itself in my ears. I was going to be a fake directioner, acting like the Kings were everything.

     "Okay, so our fake directioners are," Here it comes. "Mrs. T, Kierstinnn, and Prim!" Lia announced. Everyone glanced between the three of us and then their gazes landed on Midnight Rogue.

     "We will begin tomorrow." Midnight decided.

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