Getting Loved By Niall

You and Niall just met and you fall in love with Niall but Niall has a girlfriend so you will have to make Niall break up with his girlfriend.


4. Proposal and Marriage

Niall proposed to you under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. You thought that was the most romantic thing that he did you smiled and said yes. Niall started to kiss you in pubic but you said "Niall! Not in public." He followed you to the hotel that you were staying at and started to kiss you there.
(�� proposal) (�� marriage) Niall was standing at the alter waiting for you to walk down the isle, you kinda had cold feet but you got through it. You both said your vales and your "I do's.". You kissed and you went back to the hotel to have you know what.
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