Getting Loved By Niall

You and Niall just met and you fall in love with Niall but Niall has a girlfriend so you will have to make Niall break up with his girlfriend.


1. Meeting Niall

You wanted to go to the biggest New Year's Eve party ever so you went to the party all by your self cuz all of your friends and family were in London, England where you always have your family reunion and sense your Irish the Americans think you and Niall James Horan should go out, you say that you don't know a Niall James Horan the Americans are astonished that you are from Mullingar, Ireland where Niall is also from so you turn around and Niall is standing right behind you, you ask him if he heard any of the stuff that you were saying about him, he said that he had heard everything that you said. He said that he wanted you to meet his girlfriend but you also wanted him to meet your boyfriend.
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