A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


12. The Halloween Ball

I woke up the next morning next to Draco while hearing the other girls rushing downstairs for breakfast.


"We have to eat fast, the whole day we're getting ready for the ball," squealed one of them.


"Draco, wake up you," I said shaking him, "breakfast is starting."


We went down for breakfast and found orange and black m&m's in the cereal, blood muffins (squished cranberries), candy corn, and so much more Halloween themed breakfast items.


"What are you doing after breakfast?" asked Draco.


"I dun know," I said with a mouth full of muffins, "profafly heaf infoo fown and get fum laf mfuf mafeuf."


"What the fuck was that supposed to mean?"


"Probably go into town and get some last minute makeup," I said after I swallowed my food.


"Right, duh."


"What about you?"


"Probably hang out around the castle and start getting ready late in the afternoon with Crabbe and Goyle," he replied getting some cereal.


When breakfast was over we got up, hugged, said our "see you before the party"s and went our separate ways. I walked along with some freshman Gryffindor boys who I pretended were just going the same way as me and they used there cloaks to cover me up until I met up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the common room. I went up to the girls dormitory to get ready with Hermione. We mainly just lay down and talked for a while.


"So, how are things with you and Harry going?"


"Wonderful actually. What about you and Ron?"


"Still in the friend zone, I think we both want to be more than just friends but we're to immature about it to admit anything."


"I think you guys would be great together."


"Thanks.… So have you and Harry… you know…"


"What? Oh no, oh god no!"


"Sorry, I was just… wait, what do you mean god no?"


"I just meant I'm too young… and Draco."

"Right, but would you? I mean if It were the right time?"


"Maybe, like I wouldn’t go out of my way not to but I wouldn’t go out of my way to. You know?"




We lay there for some more time talking about Harry and Ron and school and just life until we started to get ready.


Hermione got out her red princess-style dress and I put on my green one. We helped each other with our make up and hair. Since Hermione wasn't wearing a mask we put gorgeous red lipstick on her and some sparkly gold eyeliner. My nails were black and hers were gold. Hermione decided to do a thin layer of blush on me for under my mask and some light pink lipstick as a subtle touch. To match Ron's theme of 'bloody' I drew a gory cut on Hermione's left cheek bone. Then we put on our dresses and I put on my mask and we looked amazing. After finishing up the last touches we went downstairs.


"I'm gonna go find Draco, why don’t you wait for the boys and I'll meet you down there," I said.


"Alright," said Hermione, "bye."


I walked through some hallways taking the long way and turning through some unnecessary corridors so it would be difficult to tell I was in the Gryffindor common room incase someone spotted me. I found the wall that leads to the Slytherin common room.


"Parseltongue," I said, then walked in to find Pansy wearing what I think was a slutty dementor costume. She had a thin black veil covering her tube top down to her mini skirt and hanging a little lower on the back and I could see the hood on her head finishing up the look. Draco came down wearing a simple devils costume that made his blond hair seem blonder, if that’s possible.


"Really Pansy? A dementor?" said Draco condescendingly.


"Yes, I thought you might appreciate it. You know, give Harry a little scare," she smirked.


"Whatever," replied Draco turning back to Blaise. Blaise was dressed as a pirate, he wore black pants and a black vest with a red and white striped shirt underneath.


"I don’t think Harry will be that scared honestly, at least not from the dementor," I said walking towards Draco.


"Oh yeah? And what's that supposed to mean?" asked Pansy.


"I just think he'd be more scared of you showing that much skin," I said. At that Pansy scowled and Draco laughed quite obviously. Blaise came over and tried to put his arm around me but I ducked away.


"The hair and makeup is perfect, don't you dare touch it before the dance," I said.


"Feisty," replied Blaise.

"Gross," I said bluntly.


I fixed up Draco's bowtie and we walked down to the great hall, to the wall near where the Slytherin table should be, with  Blaise's hand on the small of back. I wanted to move away, and I almost did, but Harry's right. We need to convince Draco that it's just me and Blaise and that I'm not with anyone else. The music was great and I danced for a long time. The great wall was so crowded on one end on the other there were black and orange tables with food and drinks on them, similar to the Yule Ball but much more Halloween-y. I saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione not to far away from where all the Slytherins were. I gave Harry a questioning look, as if to say are you sure it's okay while motioning towards Blaise. Harry nodded in return and continued to dance. Draco and Tracey started dancing and Blaise and I joined in. Draco was watching us, at first, but then he started snogging Tracey and I was alone. Blaise put both his hands on my waist and before I could even figure out what he was up to he lifted me up a little and moved me so my back was against the wall and the back of my heels couldn't reach the ground. He did it gently but I was too surprised that I winced a little. I could tell he noticed but he ignored it anyway. He wrapped his hand around my waist while slowly moving it down to my ass. His other hand moved up to my head and he ran his fingers through my hair. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I pretended he was Harry and I immediately put my hands around his waist and kissed him back. Okay, I can handle this, I thought to myself. But I guess I spoke to soon because right then he moved his hand lower until I could feel it on the back of my bare legs. He lifted me up a bit more and held me up with his other hand which had now moved to my waist and his knee was in between my legs, holding me up. I was now dangling without any part of my black stilettoes touching the floor, and the image of Blaise being Harry quickly vanished as I opened my eyes. I looked towards Harry who had stopped dancing and was just moving to the beat while staring, Ron and Hermione had their backs to me, probably so Draco wouldn't see them. Blaise started moving his hand slowly up my dress. I cant take this anymore, I thought to myself. I pushed him of and stumbled to the ground without actually falling. Blaise smiles and tries to hold me to the wall again by grabbing my face, but I pushed him away and saw Draco punch him in the face. I ran to the other end of the great hall, zigzagging through people and found Harry waiting for me where the Hufflepuff's usually sit.


"Are you alright?" he asked.


"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied, wiping my lips with the back of my hand.


"For a second there you were sort of... into it."


"Yeah, that's cause I imagined it was you."


"And then?"


"You saw what happened, he lifted me up and started to put his hand up my dress."


"I'm just glad that you're okay."


"I am, and now I'm all warmed up too."


"Warmed up for what?"


"For this," I said wrapping my arms around his waist and kissing him, "this time it's my turn to surprise you."


"If you must," he smiled jokingly. He put his hands on my cheeks and ran them through my hair while he spun me so I was, again, up against the wall. I moved my hands up through his messy black hair as he moved his hands down to my waist holding me against him. We made out for quite a while, moving to the music, and stopping every now and then to smile at each other.


"Who the bloody hell is that?" said Blaise from a bit away, "You can kiss him but not me?"


Harry had just enough time to run away back to Ron and Hermione.


"I gave you your chance and you blew it," I said back, frustrated.


"What are you talking about Vanessa? Come on lets go dance," he said trying to grab me by the waist.


"I said no."


"No you didn't."


"When a girl pushes you away Blaise, it's because they say NO!"


"What's going on?" asked Draco, coming up from behind Blaise.


"Vanessa was snogging some guy," replied Blaise.


"Who?" asked Draco.


"I don't know," I said, "he was wearing some sort of mask."


"Then why did you snog him?" asked Draco.


"Because he wasn't him," I said, pointing at Blaise.


"What are you talking about?" said Draco looking at Blaise.


"She's just being a prude," complained Blaise.


"No, I'm just not letting you put your hands up my dress," I said.


"What's the difference?" asked Blaise.


"The difference is that Vanessa agreed to give you one chance and one chance only and you blew it. Vanessa, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention…" Draco said.


"...Don't bother, you were having fun," I said winking at him. Draco and I walked out of the great hall as I subtly said bye to Harry. When we got to the common room Draco was still apologizing but I got him to stop and I spent the rest of the night talking to him in his room. When Blaise got there I hugged Draco goodnight and went back to my dorm and fell asleep.

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