A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


10. Some Screams And Apologies

"Harry are you sure you're okay?" I asked.


"I'm sure Vanessa, you should go back…" Harry started.


"Now this will just take a minute," said Mrs. Pomfrey cutting Harry off, "drink up boy."


She handed Harry this cup of what looked like some brown juice. Harry made a gross face and I wouldn’t blame him, I mean it smelled disgusting.


"Aaarggh," screamed Harry.


"Harry…" I said running towards her before Mme. Pomfrey pushed me away.


"The medicine will hurt but it'll be done in five minutes," she said reassuringly. So  for five long minutes I sat there waiting listening to Harry screaming. When he was done and the medicine had worn off the four of us went to lunch. Again, like it was wired into our brains, they went first I counted to 10 and went and sat next to Draco. I didn't talk to him for most of the meal and he didn't talk to me either. It was just little 'can you pass the bread?' or 'hand me the mashed potatoes please.' When we had finished dessert and we were getting up Draco took my hand and walked me down to the dungeons to this disgusting boys bathroom that no one goes into. It's like the boys version of moaning Myrtle's bathroom, minus the Myrtle. I just stood in the corner taking in the place, reminding me never to come in here again.


"Eew, Draco. This is really gross," I complained trying to avoid looking at him.


"Vanessa stop, please? You know I'm trying to apologize so let me," he pleaded.




"I am sorry for being over protective and insulting Potter so much, I don't like him and I'm not gonna try and change that. But Vanessa you must know how sorry I am. I was being harsh and I promise I will do anything to make it up to you."






"Tell Potter you're sorry. Full apology not just 'I'm sorry.'"




"...And in public."


"Vanessa, come on…"


"You said anything so that's anything," I said an I walked out the door and went and sat down in the common room. A few seconds later Draco walked in.


"Okay, at dinner, I'll do it."


"Thank you Draco," I smiled.


"If he makes any rude or snide remarks…"


"He wont…"


"But if he does…"


"Then take the high road."


"Alright," he smiled sitting down next to me and hugging me. Just then who has to walk in but Blaise.


"Hello gorgeous," he said, trying yet failing to flirt with me.


"Draco I think he's talking to you," I said.


"Funny. I'm gonna go get my defense against the dark arts book, I'll get yours too," replied Draco.


"Thanks," I said.


"So, wanna be my potions partner?' asked Blaise.


"We have fixed partners Blaise."

"I'm sure professor Snape could make one exception."

"That was my polite my way of saying no."




"No, non, nein, nope, negative," I said getting up, "accio book." I took my book and went down for potions.



"Hey Vanessa," said Harry.




"What's up? Where's Draco?"


"Oh he's coming with Blaise. Look I know you don't like my brother but for me I've convinced him to apologize to you at dinner."

"That's nice of him. And you."


"Just accept the apology nicely please and make sure no one does anything to…"


"Ridiculing or judgmental?"


"Pretty much."


"No problem," he said slipping in a quick peck on the cheek before we walked into potions together.






Hey guys. So the next one'll take some time. it's gonna be long. it's the Halloween ball and i'm actually really excited about it so yeah. hope you like it :)

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