A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


4. Shopping Spree


The next morning I woke up and realized it was Saturday, no classes, and I might be able to go to Hogsmede to get my Halloween costume for the ball. I went down to the common room to find Draco so we could go to breakfast.


"I have quidditch practice after this so go do what you want after breakfast, I'll come find you when we're done," said Draco as we headed for the Great Hall. Thank god Blaise is on the quidditch team, that makes sure that he won't talk to me, and since Pansy is in love with Draco she'll most likely stalk, I mean watch him. Oh no, Harry doesn't know about Blaise how do I tell him?


"You look a little worried Vanessa, is everything okay?" asked Draco.


"Um, yea. I was just thinking about who should rescue you from petrifying Pansy," I whispered as we got closer to the table.


"Haha, thanks. I really hope you find someone soon."


"Don't worry, I will."


We sat down at the table to eat and I could see Harry smiling at me, I smiled back as he was taking a sip of his juice and he spilt on him self. I tried to stifle a laugh but I couldn't.


"What's so funny?" asked Draco.


"Nothing," I said and I quickly shoved some toast in my mouth so I couldn't answer any more questions. He looked around and saw Harry staring at me.


"What are you looking at Potter? Thought you saw him?" he taunted.


"Draco," I whispered, because he knew how I felt about Voldemort being back and all.


"Sorry but he asked for it."


"Just don't bring him up again."


"Okay, I promise I won't," he said slowly sitting down.


We finished eating and I said bye to Draco as he left for the quidditch field and I met up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione and we went to Hogsmede.


"Hey Harry, can I talk to you a second?" I asked.


"Uh-oh," muttered Ron as Hermione looked at me curiously.


"Sure, what's up?" asked Harry.


"So you know how you said that if someone asks me to the ball I should go?"


"Ya, who asked you?"


"Blaise Zabini," I muttered glumly.


"Why are you sad? Draco will buy it."


"Ya but he's a total player and I don't want a total player I want you."


"Just find me during the ball if you need to okay," he said hugging me reassuringly.


"Okay, but you'll be wearing a mask…"


"And you are going to help me pick it out so you know who I am."


"Okay then," I smiled. We walked into Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions to buy our costumes. Harry ended up getting a black and white checkered mask that covered his eyes and nose and he got a black cloak to match. Ron joked about going as Snape but ended up not wanting to commit suicide and he bought a bloody knight costume and said that he was Hermione's knight in bloody armor which made Hermione blush a lot. Hermione decided to go as a beautiful maiden that went exceptionally well with Ron's knight costume. Hermione's dress was red and it went down to her feet but there was a cut that went up to just above the knee, it was tight from the waist to show of her curves and it had one sleeve. Thin transparent gold cloth hung from the zenith of the sleeve and from around the waist finishing up the look perfectly.


"You're going to look amazing Hermione," said Harry.


"Thanks Harry," she replied.


I got a green dress that was tight and it hugged my figure perfectly. It went to a quarter way above my knee and the sleeves were side sleeves, attached to the back of the dress was the same kind of thin cloth that was on Hermione's except mine was black, it went from my left sleeve under my arm and down to my right thigh creating a sort of triangle, it was perfect. To finish my costume up I decided to get a green and black checkered eye mask with small green and black feathers coming out from the top on the left side. When we were done shopping we went to the shrieking shack.


"You're not going in there are you?" I asked kind of scared, they all just laughed a bit, "what?" I said defensively. Harry told me the story of professor Lupin and when he was done he reassured me that Lupin wasn't in there right now and we went in. We talked for a bit then Ron and Hermoine said that they were gonna go and check out the rest of the house. Harry, who was already sitting next to me, leaned over and kissed me. I knew it was coming but it was still so spontaneous.


He put his hands around his waist and pulled me closer to him and just kissed me. We made out for quite a long time, it felt perfect, like it was meant to be and I didn't want this moment to end. Then Harry pulled away and looked me straight in the eyes, I loved his green eyes, they were adorable.


"Are you sure that you're okay doing this, not that I don't like you or anything it's just that you're really close to Draco and I don't want to tear you two apart," he said.


"Honestly Harry, I am a bit scared but I really, really  like you and I know that Draco will be mad but he does need to let me be my own person," I replied.


"Okay then," he said quickly, then he melted his lips into mine and kissed me again, we had only been kissing for like a minute when I heard an owl land softly next to me. I opened it up and read it out loud to Harry.




I went back to the common room and you weren't there, I got Pansy to check the dorms and you weren't there, I went to the library, the kitchen, I looked all over the castle, I looked in the three broom sticks. Since I can't find you I have sent this owl to find you and I am following it.


See you soon, Draco.


"Shit," I shouted getting up. Harry followed me to find Ron and Hermione and we told them what the letter said. "What do we do?" I asked.


"Follow me, we'll take the tunnel back to Hogwarts," Harry stated.


"The tunnel that leads to the killer tree, no way," I said getting scared.


"It's the killer tree or the killer brother," said Ron.


"Which way then?" I sighed.


I followed them down the tunnel and we stopped because we thought we heard something.


"Vanessa?" we heard a scared Draco say.


"Shhh, and hurry," whispered Hermione. We ran down the tunnel, out of the tree and into the library while I kept some distance between the three Gryffindors. When we got to the corner of the library Hermione pulled my costume out of her charmed bag that could fit anything and I went and took it and sat down a bit away from them but making sure I could still see them.


A few seconds later Draco came up to me looking pale as a ghost, he just hugged me.


"Where have you been? I looked everywhere, why were you in the Shrieking Shack? I was so worried," he panted.


"I'm fine Draco, you need to calm down, I can take care of my self, and I was buying my Halloween costume, and I haven't found you a date yet but I promise I will in time for the ball."


'"Oh alright, I won't mark your every move, now let me see your outfit," he said smiling.


"Okay, let's go back to the common room," I said excitedly as he helped me up. I looked back at the three of them and smiled mouthing 'bye'.


We got to the common room and went up to Draco's dormitory.


"Well put it on then," he said. I flashed on my dress and some make up and looked in the mirror, it looked even better than it did in the store.


"You look amazing Vanessa," said Draco.


"Thanks, what're you going as?"


"I'm not sure yet, I was thinking of going as a dementor…"


"Draco, you're directing this at Harry."


"So what, why should you care?"


"I care because he's nice to me and right now you say that you hate him but you seem to be taking a lot of time thinking about him."


"I'm only thinking about how to annoy him which means I hate him."


"But you do spend a lot of time thinking about him, why is he so important to you?"


"He's not, and anyway since when is he nice to you? He's never nice to a Malfoy."


"If you gave him a chance he might have been nice to you, now what are you going to be?"


"Whatever, how about a…"


"Oooh, you could be a devil?"


"What, red horns, a tail, and a pitch fork?"


"Ya, why not?


"Actually that's not a bad idea, lets go to Madam Malkin's."


"You know, I'm getting a bit tired," I yawned. I didn't want Madame Malkin to comment on me being there earlier.


"All right, Blaise need's to get something as well so we'll go together."


"I'm gonna take a walk around the castle, I'll see you at dinner then?"


"Sure, bye Vanessa."


Draco flashed my makeup off and flashed me back into my robes then we left the room. I watched Draco leave the grounds and set off to Hogsmede then ran to the library. I couldn't find them there so I ran up to Moaning Myrtles bathroom and found them there talking.

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